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Memberships to suit you


We offer a variety of membership options to suit all your needs!

All of our memberships come with 24/7 access, free refreshments, use of our private meeting rooms to hire, and a great community of people to socialise and skill share with. If you’re interested in signing up book in for a tour of our space using the Book A Free Trial button below or get in touch at [email protected] / 0117 403 015.

Alongside our contracted monthly memberships, we also offer a range of hourly / day / week passes along with virtual registered office address subscriptions which you can find under the Bookings and Virtual Office banners at the top of this page.

Join the Space

It’s not just a workspace. It’s a perfect opportunity to grow your network, go after your goals, and yes – kick back and relax. No hidden fees, no distractions, no unnecessary upkeep costs dragging you down.

This is your perfect environment to grow your business!

Is membership required to use your services?

No, although our members do get to enjoy additional benefits. Nevertheless, there’s no need to sign up for a plan quite yet or ever for that matter – you’re more than welcome to give our office space a go without any additional commitment.

What services do you offer?

You can sign up for mail forwarding with our virtual office services, get a desk for a day or just a few hours depending on your needs or hire a meeting room for a whole day if you need to run a team meeting or a small event.

Am I better off with a full-on membership plan or can I just book a desk whenever I want?

That depends solely on your needs. If you’re committed, live in the area and know that you’re going to use our office space a lot, then membership is a clear winner here. If, on the other hand, you need a desk for a day every few weeks, or just a few hours on a completely random day, then a one-time booking is definitely more appropriate.

What’s a rolling contract?

It’s a contract that’s automatically renewed unless either party decides to terminate it. The only catch is usually the notice period. But no worries, all we need is 30 days’ notice. That gives you the flexibility and freedom you need. No hidden fees, no unnecessary ties or overhead costs.

Can I still do an individual booking?

Yes, you can book your desk here – our meeting rooms are available as well. As we’ve mentioned, memberships and plans work best for people who need a working space in the area on a more regular basis.

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