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This is your one stop shop to make bookings for our space.


Whether you are looking for a private space for a client meeting, to pop in and use a desk for a few hours or book in for the whole day. We have different options to suit your needs, all of which are open to non-members.


Please scroll down to the bottom to select the date you want, which type of booking resource and click through to book.


Perfect solutions for all the digital nomads, freelancers and solo entrepreneurs out there. Break free from your daily routine and book your desk or meeting room today!


Enjoy a productivity boost with a space dedicated solely to focus and getting things done.


Crack the code to entering the state of flow, surrounded by high-achievers – just like you.


Everything’s ready, all you have to do is jump in and tick the tasks off your checklist!


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Key benefits include:

Car parking

Coffee machine

Community atmosphere


Meeting room

Heating and aircon

Private phone booths

High speed Wi-Fi

Rome Was Not Built in a Day

Don’t forget to take a break every now and then – it’s more important than you think. Grab a coffee, have a chat to re-energise your brain and jump right back in whenever you’re ready.

You’re a part of a community now – enjoy it.


Got any additional questions? We’re here for you!

Have you got any other locations?

No, we’re only here in Bristol. The exact address is 111 Gloucester Road, BS7 AT8. Join our community and experience the magic of working together with other driven individuals!

I’d like to use your services but I’ve got a dog I can’t leave at home. Can I still book a desk?

Absolutely, our spaces are 100% dog-friendly, so put your mind at ease – you can bring your friend with you and have a great productive day without having to worry all day about the current state of affairs back home. You get to do what you need to do – and keep an eye on your troublemaker.