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Welcome to Raw Space Co Working community, where we value Collaboration, Community and Productivity above all else. 

Coffee Bean


Our flexible co working brings together the productivity of being in the office, the comfort of being at home and the social & wellbeing benefits of being surrounded by a network of like minded individuals for your best work day possible. 

Coffee Bean


Our collaborative community provides our members with a support system to learn from, new opportunities to be seized and new ideas to be generated through communicating, engaging and collaborating with the community


Coffee Bean


At the core of all the work spaces is the community. Our number one priority at Raw Space is supporting our community and building the strong, supportive and social community that allows members to learn, grow and enjoy their work both in a business and social sense.


When you join Raw Space you get more than just a desk…you get your very own community of supporters backing you and your success. With a focus on social working we provide members with the opportunity to really engage with the community and gain more from their membership. 

As a team we also understand the importance of community and therefore put your ideas, your opinions and your needs above all else. With our members development board giving you the control to decide how and where we go as a community as well as our community managers here to listen, support and help in any way possible you’re in control. 

Our community go above and beyond to care about the success of the members. Whether it’s the team solving your problems from website support to needing tools and plasters, or members helping each other with advice, skill swap and sharing resources…we’ll all be here to support each other.



Raw Space started as a mission to bring together amazing local businesses and artists, creating a community with collaboration, networking and productivity at its core. 

As the community developed, our passion for Co Working and collaboration has only grown as we continue to see the power and benefits of social working.

As we move forward with our mission we continue to strive towards making Raw Space a home away from home for all our members, valuing collaboration, community and productivity at the core. We understand that work should be flexible, social and productive, which is why our dog friendly, relaxed and comfortable space alongside a social and business events program allows for a balanced and productive working day. 


Sam Hicks


Arboretum Coworking – Trading as Raw Space