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Need a space to host a meeting or run a workshop?

Whether you need it for a couple of hours or the whole day, we’ve got you covered. Our meeting room is a private space that can be used for meetings, interviews or as an event space. 

It includes a large conference table that can seat up to 8 people, a projector to showcase your presentations, a whiteboard to capture all your brainstorming notes and a sofa if you fancy a more relaxed setting. Included in the hire rate is the use of our facilities, including complimentary refreshments. We also offer a 20% discount to returning customers or for multiple bookings.

You don’t need a membership to use our room and the best thing is you can book it online here.

Office meeting room – Heart of any office

Every modern office space has this one thing in common – they all feature dedicated meeting rooms. Have you ever wondered why is that? The idea is quite simple. A special space designed to improve and facilitate communication and collaboration between team members or run client meetings, brainstorming sessions and more.

A separate area to focus on a task at hand – whatever it may be. The purposes and benefits extend far beyond having a separate place to hold a meeting. It’s also about improving productivity and workflow, communicating important messages without interrupting day-to-day operations. That’s why it’s the heart of the office. And thanks to our workspace meeting rooms, you get to access it – without all the hassle of having an actual office.

Here’s the thing – unlike heart, you only need it a handful of times a month for a couple of hours. So why pay the full price for all this time you’re not using it? You can still achieve your goals, with a much more cost-effective solution!

Meeting Rooms - modern solution for special occasions

With more and more businesses adapting to the new post-COVID reality and moving either into hybrid or remote work mode, there’s a whole new set of challenges for business owners – no matter how big or small they are. And with new technologies, there are new opportunities. Digital nomads, solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, small companies or B2B partnerships – all of them get to enjoy the peace and convenience that come with working at home. But sometimes it doesn’t quite cut it…

Why you should book a workspace meeting room

Business Relationships

What about business meetings? Some things have to be discussed in person. With a quick, flexible and hassle-free booking system and options, our meeting rooms to hire service is exactly what you need to run your business or develop and maintain strong relationships with your customers. Video conferencing is not always an option. Even with work and businesses becoming more and more virtual, sometimes there’s just no substitute for reality. Building rapport and reputation with your clients is a cornerstone of any business. With a professional office meeting room – not only is it possible but also much easier.

Reliable Facilities

Everything you need to run a successful meeting, workshop or brainstorming session, conveniently packed in one, tech-ready, fully-equipped room with a stable and reliable Internet connection – at a perfect temperature. They can comfortably seat up to 8 people and include all the equipment and tools you’ll need to run your event – from a large conference table and whiteboards to projectors. Complimentary refreshments and snacks, parking space or storage for your bike. You can rest assured everything’s in place, and all you have to worry about is your event – whatever it is. Leave all the mundane administrative and organisation-related tasks to us, and focus on doing your best!

Building Team Spirit

Remote working is great – there’s no denying it. But having your team scattered around the country can be quite a challenge as well. Bonding with other people, and gaining a better understanding of who they are as a person leads to one thing – more enjoyable, and hopefully productive, cooperation. This is what makes a team strong and work in unison – like a well-oiled machine. Holding a team meeting every now and then doesn’t mean you have to create a magical bond or build friendships per se (although why not..?), but it does wonders for productivity. Not only that – a change of scenery can help improve work rate and output. Brainstorming face-to-face with other like-minded and laser-focused individuals is much more stimulating than sitting around at home in pyjamas all day. Nothing wrong with that either. But whenever you feel stuck, unmotivated or unhappy with your performance – there’s always a place with the right atmosphere.

Simple Process

We offer an easy and straightforward online booking system with two different plans for different needs. Transparent pricing, hassle-free process with no membership requirements to save you some time. Secure your spot with just a few clicks whenever you need an event-ready meeting room to hire.

Events & Workshops

Looking for a comfortable space for a presentation, course, lecture, seminar, workshop, meeting or any type of small special event? Well – you found it. Check out our convenient Bristol location with compact, yet thoughtfully designed meeting rooms to hire. Our meeting rooms are also a perfect space for various types of workshops. With flexible booking options – either by hour or by day (8 hours), you can easily pick the right plan for your needs.

Continuous Support

Just because it’s all quick, easy and convenient doesn’t mean you’re all on your own. Whether you’re using our Bristol virtual address, meeting rooms or simply hot desking service, you can always count on the continuous support of our community managers. If you have any questions, just fill in the contact form or call us directly and we’ll be happy to address them.

Raw Space – everything you’re looking for in a workspace meeting room.

Got a question about our workspace meeting rooms? 

We’ve got the answer.

I’m looking for small meeting rooms near me. Do you have multiple locations?

If you’re based in Bristol or looking for meeting rooms here, we’ll be more than happy to offer our services. Unfortunately, at the moment this is our only location – the exact address is 111 Gloucester Road, BS7 8AT.

How do I book an office meeting room with you?

Easy, go to booking, check for available dates, pick the perfect plan you need (by day or by the hour) and secure your date with just a few clicks.

Is it hard to find a meeting room to hire?

Not at all, as we’ve mentioned, our booking system is rather straightforward and easy to use. Of course, availability on specific dates may differ, so make sure to find your meeting room to hire in advance.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, our returning customers enjoy 20% off, and the same goes for multiple bookings, whereas our members get to use our meeting rooms according to their specific plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond).

Do you have a more specific enquiry?
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