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As well as our memberships and coworking passes, we offer virtual mailing subscriptions.

If you’d like to have your business post delivered to a central address, or give your company a professional, registered address our virtual mailing systems are the perfect choice!

We also offer mailing forwarding, meaning your post can be stored and then forwarded to you, wherever you are!

If you are a member of Raw Space, we can offer free or discounted virtual services dependent on the membership you have. 

Looking for a virtual office to rent?

A virtual registered office address means running your business the smart way. This is a true 21st-century solution. It’s very simple – this is your chance to get a professional business address at a fraction of the normal price.

You get a professional office address while keeping your own completely private. Some business accounts and administrative obligations require a physical business address.

An Internet-based business model is a unique one and, as popular as it is, it’s still relatively new. And that’s exactly why we created this service – to give digital nomads, solo entrepreneurs and business owners a physical presence without the bloated upkeep costs.

Get all the benefits of having an office without all the hassle and expenses!

No need to pay the full rental or deal with all the maintenance, administration or staff fees. Business owners know the stresses, trials and tribulations of running their own companies all too well. Razor-thin margins, impossible deadlines, difficult clients…

With a virtual office, there’s one less thing to worry about. But there’s more to it than just savings. It’s a gateway to a better, more flexible, convenient and exciting business model. And now you can have it, too!

Work from anywhere and don’t worry about anything else but growing your business.

What we offer is one thing – freedom.

Invest in business growth – not business expenses

If you’re looking for a way to build your brand, increase online presence, credibility and trustworthiness without the actual costs of upkeeping an office space in a great location – you’ve come to the right place.

Virtual Office Bristol – How it works

You choose the plan you like, offering the services you need, and get to enjoy full benefits without the full expenses of renting an office. You get a business address, a place to receive and store all business-related documentation and correspondence and let’s not forget – a physical office space. Yes, it’s not just virtual. With a specific plan, you can also gain access to a physical meeting space on top of that.

Choose Your Plan

Depending on your preference, we’ve prepared two dedicated plans to best answer your business needs – both on a 30-day rolling contract, so you can easily cancel when you no longer require the service. Simple, easy, affordable, flexible and convenient. Remember that with Level 2, you can actually use our location to register your business with HRMC.

Our Special Offer

Don’t forget our members enjoy 20% off the virtual office subscriptions or get to use the service straightaway as it’s included (Level 1) in the Gold and Diamond plans.

Enjoy Your Brand-New Virtual Registered Office Address

You’re good to go. There’s nothing more left to do, but to enjoy the full range of benefits and services that come with our offer.

Why virtual registered office address is just what your business needs


We’ll store and forward all your mail and business-related documentation to keep things in perfect order. No overhead costs or hidden fees. You get to choose a plan that’s more suited to your needs and enjoy all the benefits of your new Bristol virtual office space.

Convenience & Order

Any office space requires cleaning services, maintenance and inevitable repairs over time. But you don’t have to worry about any of that with our virtual office to rent offer. Keep your private affairs private – why mix it with business? With our convenient mail forwarding service and virtual address for your business, you get to keep all your things in order, separately.

No Long-term Commitments

Sick of all these contracts and commitments holding you back and weighing your business down? Don’t worry, with a rolling contact like ours, that’s not going to be an issue. We understand perfectly well how dynamic markets, circumstances and business situations tend to get.


There’s no other way to say it – hot locations in high-street areas and trendy parts of the city command respect and increase your credibility. For any potential client, the operation you’re running simply looks and feels more serious and prestigious. Your brand image can be the difference between hitting the mark and missing it.

Brand Awareness

Online presence and visibility have never been so important for businesses. Make your voice heard – and your brand seen. It’s easier to build it with minimum overhead costs – this way, you can focus your marketing efforts where it counts.

Reaching New Heights

Did you know your business location on Google could affect the number of orders you may get? A virtual office with your very own business address gives you a chance to get more clients from large city areas – doesn’t matter where you live.


Rent prices seem to be on a never-ending mission to constantly go up. But your Bristol virtual office is immune to those changes, offering a very affordable alternative. All the benefits of physical address with none of the headache.

Community Support

The stepping stone of our offer is to give our community as much freedom and independence as possible, however, whenever you feel like you need our help – we’re right there to support you.

Got a question about setting up your virtual office in Bristol?

We’ve got the answer.

If you have any more specific queries, we’ll always be more than happy to help – but here are some answers you can get straightaway. If you’d like to get a preview of our premises, take a virtual tour!

Why should I look for a virtual office to rent?

To keep your unnecessary business expenses (like an actual lease, for example) to an absolute minimum. With a convenient mail forwarding service, you’ll never miss an important letter or message, while keeping your affairs well-organised and easily accessible.

Are there any downsides to having a virtual office?

None that we can think of! The only thing you should probably consider is that sometimes you might need an actual space for a business meeting… The good news is you can still do that! Check out our meeting rooms to hire.

Is getting a virtual address difficult?

Not at all. You choose your plan or contact us directly if you’re unsure, fill in all the required information and that’s it – you’ve got your very own virtual office in Bristol. If you need the address to get a virtual registered office address that can be used with HMRC, make sure to choose the right plan (Level 2).

How long do I need to commit for? What if I don’t need it anymore?

It’s a 30-day rolling contract, so you can easily cancel the service.

Who can use this service?

Anyone interested, really. Although the original idea was to provide either a working space or a professional virtual registered office address for digital nomads, solo entrepreneurs, small start-ups and sole traders, anyone is more than welcome to use it. There are many reasons to get a virtual office, along with the benefits that come with it.

Do you have a more specific enquiry?

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