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Hello Raw Spacers,

We blinked and now it’s March 🙈

Spring is upon us, Easter is around the corner and the days are getting longer, hurrah!

Here are our newsletter highlights:

✨ Feedback survey still open, let us know what you think!

✨ Changes to phone booth use

✨ Membership discounts for attending social events

✨ Fancy joining us for dinner on Gloucester Road

✨ Games Night on Thursday 28th March @ Chance & Counters

✨ This month’s member spotlight is Glenn Wilkinson

As always, if you have feedback or suggestions for our newsletter or space, drop us an email or chat with Emma.

Best wishes,

Emma, your Community Manager ☺️


Space News 🗞

Gratitude Wall

Thank you to everyone who popped a post-it note on our gratitude wall as part of our Valentine’s month celebrations. It’s been lovely to see all the things we’re grateful for each time we walk into the kitchen 🥰
We’re going to leave it up for now, so if you haven’t yet added anything yet, please feel inspired to do so, and if you’d like to add more, go ahead! And thank you for all the kind words about Emma, not expected at all, and very much appreciated 💛

Members Feedback Survey

Our feedback survey is still open, so if you have suggestions, feedback, or ideas and wish to share them this is a great opportunity to do so. We’re using your feedback to help us shape our roadmap for this year, and so everything is welcome and appreciated.

You can access the survey here and it takes 2 minutes to fill out. Next month we’ll share the results with you!

Phone Booths

Starting from Monday 11th March, our 3 phone booths will need to be booked via Optix before you use them. Your membership plan has already been allocated a certain number of hours per month that are included in your monthly fee.

If you’d like to book more than your allowance per month that’s no problem, you can do so at £2 per hour which you’ll be invoiced for against your account when you book.

We’ve been asked if you can still use the phone booths for a quick ad hoc call. The answer is yes, just like you can with the meeting room, and please be aware someone may ask you to kindly step out if they’ve booked it.

The intention with this change is to ensure that everyone has fair and equal access to use them in alignment with their membership hours per month. We’re trialing this to see how it goes and as always, we’re open to feedback and hearing about your experience.

Discounts for attending social events

We’re also rolling out a new membership discount scheme for attending our social events. Attend 10 social events, and receive a 10% discount off your next invoice!

Raw Space is a community coworking space, we want our members to feel welcomed, connected to our space and have opportunities to mingle with each other. We thought we’d offer our social butterflies a little incentive to encourage you to swing by our lunch club, pop in for a Thursday drink or get stuck into a board game on games night.

Here are the details on how it works:

🦋 There’s no time limit, collect as you go, for as long as you need to.

🦋 This is for monthly hot desking and Diamond members only.

🦋 We ask that you stay for a minimum of 30 minutes at any of our events.

🦋 Stamps provided by Emma, bring your card with you for each event.

🦋 If your company pays for your membership, we’ll provide you with cash back instead.

Emma will be distributing our new stamp cards so why not collect your first one this week! All of our social events are up on the kitchen wall with the relevant QR codes for our Whatsapp group chats for each one. We can’t wait to see you there!

Fancy dinner together on Gloucester Road?

Continuing the theme of social events, we’re planning a meal out on Gloucester Road (venue TBC) for anyone who fancies doing something together after work. It will be a great way to support a local restaurant, eat delicious food and spend quality time together outside the office.

If you’re interested, please click here and pop your name on the sign up sheet, as well as your dietary preferences. We’ll then pick a few different options and put it to a vote! Deposits will need to be paid once we book which you’ll get back on the night. More details to come!

Additional monitors

We now have a range of different communal monitors which you can borrow for the day and pop back behind Emma when you’re finished. There are a variety of cables so fingers crossed there’s one that works with whichever laptop port you have.

Games night – Thursday 28th March

Our next Games night is scheduled for Thursday 28th March from 5pm at Chance & Counters. We’ve got a table booked, so please let Emma know if you’d like to attend as we have limited spots available 🎲

Join us for a couple of hours for games, snacks and drinks. £2 per person per hour for games. Don’t forget to join our group chat to stay in the loop with all the details! You can find the QR code on the poster in the kitchen.

Lunch on us if you leave us a Google review

How do you fancy a free lunch? We’re looking members to leave us a Google review so we can continue to grow our wonderful community 🥰 The more reviews we have, the easier it is for people to find us. If you leave us a review, we’ll buy you lunch (up to £10) as part of our Wednesday lunch club! Use key words such as meeting room, hot desking, office space and coworking 👩🏾‍💻

Housekeeping Items

A gentle reminder to please be mindful when taking phone calls in the main space or in our phone booths. Noise can easily travel around our open room layout and our phone booths are not 100% soundproofed. Please talk into your headset versus the whole room ☺️ The same request goes for playing content on your phone, please use headphones to watch or listen to anything. If you’re struggling with someone’s noise levels, we invite you to kindly and politely talk to them and share your preference ☎️

A gentle reminder to keep an eye on your hours if you’re on our Bronze and Silver memberships. We trust you to stay within your hours and let us know if you need to adjust your membership level to match your current hot desking needs ☺️

If you wish to pause or cancel your membership, please note that we require 30 days notice. As a small, independent business it supports us to manage our membership numbers and keep growing our community🌱


New Members 🤩

Welcome to our new members who joined us in February & March:

Mike Nilson, Tamlyn Duncan, Hannah Burton, Giles Burgess, Emma Howell, Cyddie Warner, Kate Mattick, Julie Guerrin and Kate Blackmore.

New members, don’t forget to send us your picture & bio info so we can pop you on our member’s board in the kitchen 📸


Member Spotlight 🔦

This month we’re spotlighting Glenn Wilkinson who’s been with us since last summer 2023.

What do you do for work?

The short answer is that I’m a hacker for hire. The longer answer is that I help companies and individuals keep their data safe from the bad guys; I do this by testing security systems, giving training, keynote speaking engagements, and building security products. Check out my speaker’s website (https://glenn.co.zw), my consulting business (http://maervo.com), or a couple of my startups (https://kapenta.io, https://agger-labs.com).

What do you love to do outside of work?

Having only moved to Bristol last year (with wife, little one, and doggo) I’m enjoying exploring the new city. I enjoy a bit of casual Ultimate Frisbee, and train and teach self defense (Krav Maga). I’m also terrible at chess, but enjoy it.

What do you love most about the Raw Space Community?

On my first Monday in Bristol last summer I knocked on the door, and was greeted by our lovely Emma. After the tour I took the week trial but knew I’d love the space; the people, the socials, the casual vibe, the doggos. Working from home gets lonely, so it’s nice to be surrounded by like-minded wonderful people.

What can Raw Spacers come to you for?

Anything security or privacy related. Or banter.

Who would you like to connect with?

If your company has a security budget, come chat to me and see how we can best spend it. If your company doesn’t have a security budget, come chat to me and figure out why it doesn’t!

How can people get in touch?

[email protected]



Or come high five me at my desk.

Would you like to be featured next month?

If so we’d love to hear from you!

This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to our community, let us know what you do, who you are and the best way to connect with you.

Please fill out this form and Emma will be in touch. 


Raw Space Events 🎪

If you’re looking to connect with your fellow Raw Spacers, come join us at one of our many events. They are a great way to get to know each other, take a break from work and have fun!

We have some running weekly and monthly, so plenty of choice depending on your schedule. No need to sign up, just show up on the day or join our WhatsApp groups to stay in the loop ✨

Wednesdays: Lunch Together in our meeting room @ 1pm

Thursdays: Drinks on Gloucester Road @ 5pm & Poker Night @ 7pm

Every month: Games Night – our next date is Thursday 28th March from 5pm @ Chance & Counters


External Events / Future Events 🌟

St Patrick’s Day Events in Bristol

For anyone looking for the best way to celebrate, then look no further! 10 days packed full of things going on, plus a parade and party 🎉 And the best news, is that everything is free (you just need to buy the drinks) 🍻

Head to www.weirish.org.uk to find out more information.

Want to share your event with our community or perhaps there is there an event you’d like to see or organise?

Send us an email to [email protected] with all the details and you can be featured in our next newsletter.


Meeting Room 🪑

Did you know that even if you’re not a member of our space you can rent out our office meeting room?

Whether you need it for a couple of hours or the whole day, we’ve got you covered. And the best thing is you can book it all online via our website.

Click here to find out more or email us at [email protected].


Virtual Office 📤

Need to register your business but don’t have an office address to use?

Check out our Bristol virtual office service where you can register your business and have your post delivered to our office space.

Check out our Level 1 and Level 2 mailing subscriptions here to find out more.