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With the cost of living increasing and paying to rent out whole offices becoming more expensive and unattainable, now more than ever having access to local spaces where you can gather for a few hours to connect is really important. 

Here are 5 ways our members like to use our meeting rooms to hire:

Meditation – because sometimes you need a few minutes to ground, focus on your breath and check in with yourself. 

Yoga – whilst we don’t have tons of room, our space is perfect for you and a couple of friends to roll out your mats and have a good old stretch. 

Women’s Circle – need a space to gather in sisterhood, share, move, and connect with other women? Push the table and chairs back, spritz some room spray and drop in together. 

Chocolate tasting – yep, you read it right. The wonderful Carlos, a third generation Ecuadorian chocolate maker, from Vicolo Sei hosted his delicious chocolate tasting sessions from our space, offering pairings and a goodie bag of sweet delights.   

Workshops – a lovely local charity has been using our meeting room to run a 12 week workshop for the last few months. Having a space that is easily accessible by bus and train has been really important to them, not to mention the free tea and coffee!  

Whatever your business or need, our meeting room is perfect for you. It holds 8-10 people around a large table, or you can push the table back to create floor space to move about. 

With a large whiteboard, projector, WIFI and ample power sockets, you can brainstorm away on your latest project.   

Did you know you can rent out our meeting room without needing a membership? 

You can rent it out by the hour, a few hours or for the whole day and it’s super easy to book through our website.

Don’t forget to check other services we offer, like the Bristol virtual office subscription! 

Head over to: https://raw-space.co.uk/meeting-room/ or drop us an email to [email protected] if you have any questions.