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Making Friends with Coworkers

Coworking spaces are wonderful places for people who used to work from home. A coworking space rids you of distractions, […]

Productivity Tips for When You Are Working

Most of the days we are working towards achieving certain goals. These goals could be what the management has set […]

Distractions You Will Find At Home That Is Not at a Coworking Space

Working at home can appear to be a convenient thing but it requires a lot of principles to make something […]

Alternative ways to get around Bristol

Bristol is a beautiful town to live in. Bristol has been termed a city of work. To others, Bristol is […]

How to Increase Productivity in an Office Space

Getting the best out of your employees is always on top of your list for every employer. Members of an […]

Items a Coworker Should Always Have With Them at a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are a peaceful place to do your work. Most of the time we are our own distractions. To […]

The Future of Coworking

For over a decade coworking has gained favour in the eyes of many. For flex workers, this has been an […]

Tips for Good Posture in the Office

For the better of the day working in an office means one needs to sit at their desk, in a […]

The Modern Office Environment

Years ago, when a people, organizations, governments started institutions they build large structures and partitioned them into offices. The issue […]

Social Events for Coworkers

Coworking has taken the home work-life by storm. You are home and you are working not pressure, no stress, you […]

How to Build a Community in an Office Space

Work life is not easy, the pressure to achieve targets, the need to move your company to the next level, […]

Why a virtual office is better than a physical office

Are you on a trip, are you tired of doing work form your office, do you feel you can still […]

A good business email provider

Business mail addresses do not work independently, it hugely depends on hosting providers to provide it with tech, services and […]

Why you need a business mail address

A few years ago, business owners used their personal mail address as their virtual business address. However, their mail could […]

Things to do on your first coworking day

Getting a coworking space is not enough. There are things you need to do to ensure your first day is […]

Thinking of Starting A Coworking Space Business?

You just recently found out your friend no longer works from his house, he just improved his ratings, he has […]

Coworking Etiquette Tips from a Professional

You are the person that loves people, you can laugh at any of their stories, have fun with people you […]

Why You Need a Coworking Space

Coworking refers to a style of work whereby people, groups, professionals share office workspaces. Coworking people do not have to […]

Choosing a Good Co-working Space

You might’ve heard about co-working spaces for a while now. It might seem like a risk, trying to be more […]

Hacks to Improve Your Co-working Experience

Imagine this scenario: you’ve just signed up for a co-working space and you want to make the best out of […]

4 Ways Serviced Offices can Save You Money

More and more companies, from big to small, are moving to Serviced Offices. Also known as Business Centres, these work […]

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