Free Event Space for Meetups and Eventbrite events in Bristol!

We love our Meetups and Eventbrite events at Raw Space.

We are creating a community inside and outside of our coworking space, and for us that means inviting as many people in to interact with our event space– events help us to create a culture within our workspace, and members love the variety that we put on.

We run lots of different events every week, you can view the full list here: and operate external events, monthly from our event space. They’re a fantastic way to introduce people to each other as well as a way for people to learn. Our members are always looking for an opportunity to learn something different!

As a result, we’ve decided to open up our coworking and event space for Meet Ups and Eventbrite’s!!!

Our 3500 square foot space has various rooms that can seat from 10 people for a more communcative workshop to 80 at a standing / networking event.

This free offer is available to any Meetup that happens after 6pm on week nights. To find out more, email our team at or give us a call 0117 403 0415.

We’d love to host your Meetup or Eventbrite!

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