The best space for your team

Co-working makes your CFO happy

coworking spaces can be up to 40% cheaper than renting a regular office when you account for all ancillary costs, such as furniture, tech setup costs, taxes, leaning, management fees, internet, and year-round coffee supply. More importantly, buying or leasing real estate for a long period goes on your company’s balance sheet as a fixed asset and a liability. Getting liabilities off the books makes your chief of Finance happy.

The team can enjoy being a part of our community

People enjoy being parts of communities because everybody has interests outside of their normal job. The interests migh be related to the job or they might be totally different, and they’ll have access to a network of really cool people to collaborate and generate ideas with

Networking helps you to grow your business

With many members comes a wealth of ideas, experience and skill sets. You can connect and send instant messages inside the Raw Space app with all of them. Your business can grow exponentially with the addition of these new connections.

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