About Us

About Us

Raw Space is Bristol’s co-working space, based at number 111 on the lively Gloucester Road. We are just 10 minutes walk from the Arches and 2 minutes from the Hobgoblin pub. With so many coworking spaces based in the city centre, but none past Stokes Croft we knew it was time one opened further North in Bristol. We are the North Bristol Co-working Space.

But what makes Raw Space different?

Raw Space operates around 3 main principles:


“The use of an office or other working environment, by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.”

With this in mind, Raw Space has been designed with creating the right environment: we have a number of different spaces, with their different styles and structures, enabling you to pick the right one for your state of mind. There’s something nice about sitting on a sofa whilst writing on a big whiteboard wall, and sometimes nicer to have a solo desk to ensure that you can focus. Unlike other spaces, we focus on providing you with a full range of desks and locations to work from – perfect for whatever your working style.


“The action of working with someone to produce something.”

With many members comes a wealth of ideas, experience and skill sets. We are here to connect providers with users, so if you’re looking for help with graphic design, SEO or accounting just let us know and we will help put you in touch with other members who can help. We perform a joining questionnaire to make sure that we know all about you before you start co-working with us: it helps us know who you’d benefit from talking to, and then we will introduce you to those people. Plus, connect people, even more, when you view people’s profiles and send them instant messages inside the Raw Space app!


“A group of people in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.”

Raw Space isn’t just a hot desk and a chair. We focus on our community within our coworking space and within the wider Bristol coworking scene. When you join us you’ll have full access to our events calendar and all of our events: with everything from our mindfulness evenings, accounting talks and even a running club, there is something for everyone at Raw Space! We also like to host external events within the space too, so that our community can grow even further.

Why become a member

If everything above was not enough reason to join: then come for a tour!111 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7 8AT

By becoming a member at Raw Space will make you a part of a growing community in Bristol. We have set out to help people to build their networks, provided a space to stimulate your creativity and enhance your happiness at work. You’ll also meet some really great, hardworking and inspiring freelancers and entrepreneurs who will help you grow professionally and in general.

We have set out to help people to build their networks, provided a space to stimulate your creativity and enhance your happiness at work. You’ll also meet some really great, hardworking and inspiring freelancers and entrepreneurs who will help you grow professionally and in general.

Our community benefits from variety: people from different walks of life help to bring a multitude of experience to our space. We always hope to have a complete mixture of residents from web designers, marketers, sales people, event organisers, app developers, wellbeing coaches, Social media marketers and much more!

Coworking spaces are about bringing people together who might not normally interact, or who might work in a more lonely environment (from home at your dining table, or in a coffee shop).

We want to provide much more than just a desk, so we use an app to bring everyone together…yes that’s right, we said app: being a forward thinking business, we knew it was important to have a modern solution to communication. When you join you’ll be given out (iOs and Android) app: it’ll enable you to live chat with anyone who is a member at the space: it’s our communication tool for keeping you informed of all the cool events that are soon to be happening at Raw Space, and it’s a chat platform: every member has their own profile, and you can message members to arrange collaboration, decide where to go for lunch, and simply to introduce yourself: Community is an integral part of what Raw Space represents, so we’ve gone about enabling community in a modern way.

We’ve worked hard to find a team of experts who can help our members and these people can offer professional and personal help. All members have full access to our heroes, who have their own profiles for communication in our app.

How do we get to know about you?

Part of joining Raw Space is completing our questionnaire: it covers some professional and (totally non-invasive) personal questions so we know more about you, the industry and business you work in as well as what your hobbies are and what you want to get from the space.

With this information, our team can carefully consider who else in the space might be useful for you to know better, helping you to get more from the space: from someone who has ‘been there got the t-shirt’ in your industry, to a chess or badminton partner.

Sam Hicks is Raw Space manager. He works within the space, hotdesking like all of our members. It means he understands the ins and outs of Raw Space. He’s there to greet you, to help with any question you may have, to help orchestrate the events and your time in the space.

Sam is smart and understands that Raw Space will never be perfect, but he is committed to iterating the space and seeking to improve it every week.

To keep these developments frequent all members will have a weekly and monthly questionnaire comprised of open questions that aim to simply find out what you want from the space, what you like about the space to help Sam nurture the needs of each individual.

To put a face to the name you can expect to see this face in the space from Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm and can easily see his diary and make a special appointment if necessary on the public calendar on the website and on the mobile application.

Help us make decisions at Raw Space

Raw Space is a young and growing coworking space. We don’t have all the answers and are proud of the willingness of our members to provide feedback (the good, the bad and the ugly) to help us develop our offering.

We need help to make Raw Space the most functional coworking space in the world: we have a dedicated suggestions box, event ideas whiteboards and physical improvement voting boards. We will involve you in crafting the design of the space and the style of the events that we have. The more our members assist, the more useful the events and the space can be.

We ask our members what sort of events they would like to see and what topics they would like to hear about. We then measure turnout to determine the events that have demand.

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