People are slowly investing in coworking spaces over the years. Some competition is already building up in the industry. What does this mean for your business? Well, you need to do something special to stand out among competing shared office spaces. But how do you do it? Well, you are about to find out what to do to stand out in the coworking market below.

Have multiple sitting options

Many customers are sensitive about the sitting options the coworking space offers. What does this mean? Do not assume that everyone loves the standard office desk sitting arrangement and furniture. As you buy desks, mix up the options have couches, standing desks and sittings desks, some round, and some typical desks. This way, the client chooses what works for them. The various options will also attract a wide variety of professionals used to the various sitting alternatives you have for them.

Have an outdoor coworking area

You will realize that some people go to coffee shops and sit outside for coffee and lunch as they go on with their work. Do not have an option that limits coworking space clients to only operate within the wall of your shared office space. Have some of the desks outside and offer desks to offer a cooler experience. Outside areas are suitable for afternoon sessions when it is hot. Hence most people will like it that your shared workspace offers this.

Create beneficial partnerships

Partnerships are a good marketing instrument today. When people that you’re in a partnership with a respected company, they will want to come to your coworking space. How? For example, in collaboration with IEEE, you are a recognized association for people in the tech industry. You will easily attract people in the tech industry. Well, the partnership does not need to be even that rigid. You could have a local partnership with a local restaurant in Bristol, where any member of your coworking space gets a discount for taking meals at that restaurant. This model can bring in clients for you as it also benefits the restaurant.

Private areas and phone booths

The downside of coworking space is that sometimes based on design, and there could lack privacy. However, the case could be different, especially if you offer a private area to make and receive their calls. Even better, you could install telephone booths. A section of these private areas may also have a smoke zone. Note that some of your clients may be smokers. Hence, you want to offer them a private area where they can do that.

Situate shared office space well

We cannot talk about standing out without chipping in something about the location. The analogy is that of a supermarket where a product’s positioning could easily result in its purchase. Standing could mean moving your coworking space from a hidden corner to an open location in town your target clients could see and access.

Making your coworking space stand out should be easy. There are a few obvious things you can do. Take the right steps and see how your business performs.