Every business has to run on some technology to make things operate effectively and efficiently—the same case applies to a new or existing coworking space you have. There are specific roles the technology will play in your coworking space that organize the way your enterprise operates. In the next few steps, you learn about the best tools for coworking management you could take advantage of. Let’s start with Coworkify.


If you need software for coworking management with a security edge, Coworkify is what you need. You need this handy software in case you apply the Japanese-based coworking model. This tool manages visitors and resources, creates, on automatic invoices, handles APIs, and manages your coworking community. The best part about Coworkify is its ability to adapt to any coworking setting. For instance, clients can pay for a service using a cheque, a credit card, or cash. Note, you can also handle the invoicing yourself, especially in temporary and one-off guests.


This tool is a complete coworking space management instrument. Nexudus allows you to customize it to handle coworking issues such as printing, membership, payment, events, and newsletters. Moreover, the tool’s member relationship management helps you monitor coworking space leads and contacts. Furthermore, the tool is perfect for more technical clientele. Managers can create member portals based on their brand. Lastly, the tool has an excellent interface allowing it to connect seamlessly with Stripe, Ezeep, and Bisner.


This tool is common in over 30 countries. Created in Bulgaria in 2015, OfficeR&D has capabilities such as contract, space, and member and relationship management. The goal of OfficeR&D is to give a helping hand to every inch of your coworking community. The tool helps you through your development journey, including helping you improve what your business earns.

OfficeR&D’s pricing is more open. There are two plans of payment for members for each desk. You have an open API to integrate third-party applications as you booking platforms like PayPal, Xero, and Quick books. Mind you, the tool is compatible with all these items.


Cobot checks all the boxes of the ideal coworking management tool. Cobot allows you to book rooms, create invoices, have automated billing, and integrates seamlessly with payment options such as GoCardless and Stripe, among others. An exciting addition is that the tool has multilingual abilities, global support spaces, and is optimized for mobile. Cobot fits well into the nature of your business from a community hub to a big business center. Moreover, get access to free user support from international expertise with thriving coworking communities.


Space is an essential consideration in the success of a coworking enterprise. With a coworking business in a place like Bristol, Zapfloor helps you with items using floor space wisely to creating invoices. The tool puts every important piece of data before you, on a transparent dashboard. Its biggest upside is the integration options it comes with, such as Stripe, Xeros, and PaperCutMF. For a more consistentexperience across many of your locations, Zapfloor comes with a white label solution.

Each day, more coworking space management technology comes up. All you need to do is take advantage of the many available and choose those that work well for your business.