You need to beware of who is entering and leaving your coworking space. Controlling entrance not only ensures that there are order and security at the door, but also that you can account for who enters and whether they have paid to be there. There many ways to control the entrance to a coworking space. Some of those ways are merely obvious, as follows:

Install personnel at the entrance

It is good to have someone at the reception, but it is not enough if you do not have an individual tasked to handle entrance to the shared office space. The individual may check for identification document at the entrance and have each visitor register as well. The security personnel then directs new visitors to your reception for direction and registered if required.

Use a pin lock

This is a common entrance control option these days. You share the pin lock with everyone that is authorized to enter your coworking space. In case a new individual joining the coworking community, you do share the code with them. This way, you can manage incoming individuals and be aware of every individual that uses your coworking space.

Issue an entrance card

You can have swipe tech or a coworking space issued card for individuals to swipe or show at the entrance before coming in. A coworking space in Bristol may be busy. Hence, entrance control allows you to account for everyone who enters your shared office space and ensure everyone can access services at coworking space.

Have an exit passage

If you are trying to prevent crowding around the entrance, you need to have an exit door to ease pressure at the gate. Here you could have someone check whether the exits are of people who have paid for the service and security checks. You want to ensure that everyone leaving has a membership plan, or has paid for their one-off and that no one is leaving with space equipment.

Use access control software.

Also, you do not need to use multiple individuals to control access to your coworking space. A software that manages membership can help with managing the entrance. Software like Tapkey and Visit Ninja allows you to control access to your coworking spaces. The exciting bit about Tapkey, for instance, is that an individual with the app can use it to open their private office spaces. Even better, everything is controlled over the cloud. Therefore choose an app that integrates well with your coworking space management software to control movement into the shared office space.

Controlling entrance is an essential item in the success of your coworking business. One, you know everyone that has entered your shared office space. This way, you guarantee the security of those in your coworking space. Secondly, you can control payment from the entrance, unlike when you have no entrance and even exit control. Note you are investing in your coworking space. Any measures you put from having an entrance plan to an exit one allows you to protect your business. Therefore go ahead and have an entrance control plan in place.