Have you worked in a company with a shared office? What was the experience like? I bet it took some time to get used to that fact. Well, sometimes you just can’t be comfortable because even with your colleagues it did take some time. My personal experience is I couldn’t focus. I felt that the new group was doing things in a different way than the one colleagues and I are used to. Well, I decided to work on the part about focusing, and I have a few ideas on what to do.

Find a quiet space

The thing that makes you feel distracted could be that you loved the silence that was there before. Unfortunately, you feel it is not there. The simple advice is to secure a place with the least disturbance in your office. You could switch places with someone else if they prefer your spot. Also, you could talk to your boss about it. If you can secure a few redesigns that could help those not comfortable with this new arrangement, then this will even be better.

Keep your mind engaged.

Occasionally, there is a lot of distraction that comes from working in a shared office. If you do not move attention from those distractions, then you will not be able to work. Usually, it is your mind that is more troubled. But there is a solution to that. You can keep your mind engaged. It takes a lot of practice. If you are working, have some music on, music kills all the noise around as you work on your project. Just stay on schedule, and you will not feel distracted.

Start getting used to this new normal.

Accept that you are in a new state of the office. Acceptance plays a trick on your mind. You will feel very comfortable to have new people working right next to you. What you will do with this is that you will stop asking yourself questions. Moreover, you will not feel offended by any new things that happen. From here, you can work without feeling bothered.

Stay open-minded and generous at heart.

These are two difficult things that you need to work on. People just do not like to embrace a new state. When something new happens, they are uncomfortable, and they start to feel that it directly touches on them. Open your mind and heart to new things. Understand why your company would want to share their office with a different company. Accept your company’s decision. Remember that the company comes first and that it needs to make some decisions to thrive.

The choice of staying focused is yours. You need to do everything you can to make things work. When it is a matter of your job, then take the right step to stay focused. Always think of the company’s honest intentions. If you can talk it out with your boss, great. If you cannot, you will have to figure it out somehow. The first step is to use the tips offered above.