As an owner of a company that has decided to welcome the idea of a shared office to save on costs, do you think less space remained? Well, by now, some employees may feel the squeeze. On your side, maybe the cash from the lease could be something you add to your operations and improve business functionality. Some space is always important, and you can still create the space within the office by adopting several practices.

Going paperless

If the company you share an office with is paying for space, you could use some of that money on paperless tech. You could start with something as simple as a document management system. Over time, you could improve this. The point is that you reduce the urgency to file documents. In case you do not have an external storage space, you could eat up space and make free movement a problem.

Choose smaller desks

A big desk or a small desk is just usually more space to waste. Besides, a smaller desk is manageable for anyone that uses it. As you do this, do not compromise on the quality, ensure that the desk comes with a few storage compartments to save up on space.

Make use of suspended shelves.

Now that you have most of the floor space taken, you now need to improvise. Create custom spaces for your staff. If you have wooden or brick walls, then you would have suspended wooden shelves. Suspended wooden shelves can be set aside for only urgent folders. You could even use a small space within your office to create more vertical storage space to hold your documents.

Eliminate anything you do not need

Have only what you require in your office. What does this mean? Anything that takes a lot of your space is an expensive choice for your space. Avoid the luxury of big printers or a more than reasonable number of printers within the office. For the floors, make sure that you use the most wireless options as possible. That means there is no need for a computer to be connected to your printer by cable. Have a printer with wireless capability and save on the floor space.

Use common areas.

I have seen small offices with significantly huge common areas. Most of these space can be put to use. Have someone look at a way you can keep some of the things here. Create some storage cabinets in such spaces and even encourage that bigger projects be worked on from there.

Acquire innovative shared office designs

If you can get someone that knows about office designs to help you manage your shared office, you could save a lot of space. The office arrangement could make things to appear tight. With the right arrangement, space is available. You could have more storage space to use.

Managing your remaining space in your shared office takes some time. Have even your employees come up with ways they could open up space. Apply those ideas and see how it goes.