Today in the United States alone, there are about 59 million independent freelance contractors. A report by Upwork shows that by 2027, more than half the population of the US will be freelancing. Quite similarly, the whole world is moving towards that direction. Already in most countries, coworking spaces are mushrooming. The competition for freelancers, which could be the largest market of those using coworking spaces, is on the surge. What does this mean for your coworking space? That you have to put more effort into netting more freelancers. Here I want to take through 4 proven methods you could make your coworking space more preferred by freelancers. Let’s get started.

Make yourself available with Google.

Think of the times you have been to a new place and searched online for things such as “cafes near me.” Well, Google always gives you a full list of some of those results with even the closest one to you at that moment. What this means is that you need to put some effort into listing your business on Google. Necessary information includes your location, email address and phone number, website details and opening hours. The next time someone in your area or beyond searches for a coworking area, they can find you.

Encourage them to bring colleagues with a referral program.

Now that freelancer can find you on the map, and it is time to tap into other freelancers they know. The assumption is that if I am freelancer, then I know a few or more people who are freelancers as well. A typical freelancer will come to work and go. As you charge them for their time, you could use that time to explain to them of your referral program. Maybe that if they refer someone else, then they get a particular event, get a free ticket to a networking event, or get a free week or month. This can work wonders for your coworking space.

Have free trials on your coworking space

People need to see the need in them, leaving the comfort of their home offices and work offices to work in a coworking space. Occasionally do a marketing campaign that lists what you offer and ask people to come work from your coworking space. Let them experience the stable internet connection, the new social networks they can create, the support they can get and the distraction they can avoid. The result is that you will attract more subscribers, which is very important for your business.

Have membership premiums

There has to be a way you charge your clients without hurting them economically. Some freelancers make quite a lot. Others have their struggles with money. Your subscription package needs to revolve around that notion. If someone wants more from your coworking space, then they are willing to pay a little more. In case they just need the necessary facilities of a coworking space, then they should be able for those basic resources. Take your time to know what the basic, the above standard, and the premium freelancer earns. This way, you do not have to struggle coming up with reasonable packages that alo make happy.

There are so many ways you can make your coworking space likeable. The methods are straightforward, hence you can come up with more ways. The above should simply get your started. All the best.