As you enjoy the comfort of having a private office, the journey to more productivity just got started. You need to make the most of the moments in your private office to do things correctly. You need to adopt certain habits to be more productive in that space. We have taken this moment to guide you through seven habits of productivity in a private office. Let’s go.

Keep off the social media.

In an article by Workplaceinsight.net, over two hours is wasted in the UK by workers on social media. Sometimes in the workplace, you may feel away from your social circle. Let not social media replace most of that time. Take a break, walk to a colleague and catch up for a few minutes. Ask them whether they will be free later in the day. That sort of thing can make you want to finish your work to meet with them. You will have been productive and postponed the need for that warmth to later in the day.

Arrange your material correctly

There are days you will sit to work on something, and you realize you lack some information. You are sure the source of that information is around, but you do not know where. A simple slip to look for that source could take you more minutes than you thought. Arranging your workplace allows you to get back to your project quickly while you are still burning with ideas and momentum. This can make you so productive.

Keep your office clean.

Cleaning is a bit different arranging. You need to ask yourself how your office looks when you sit down to work. Is there any rubbish lying around? Does your table still have the cup you used for tea yesterday? Is there air circulating in the room cleaner? A clean office keeps your mind clean, not having to ask who is there to clean it. Remove anything that makes you place unclean. Open

your windows. Have some eco-friendly air freshener around.

Keep your food away

I am a foodie, I cannot stop cracking those crisps, but I can tell you it never stops. By food, I mean those snacks. I have trained myself to eat during the breaks. I prefer drinking because I will not involve my hands and mouth a lot. Keeping the food requires some discipline. I take 10 minutes of every 50 minutes I sit to work. Do your snack a limited number of times. Take some water and even stand and stretch a little in your private office. Now get back to work.

Sticking to the schedule

Nobody likes it when someone does not keep a promise they made to them. A schedule is a promise you make yourself. Respect that promise by sticking to it. The unless otherwise should be work-related,an impromptu meeting, or a personal matter you have to attend. What this means on your return you have to make up for time lost.

Taking reasonable breaks

You do not want to take short breaks that do not boost your morale and long ones that drain your momentum. Ten minutes is fair, and I apply it all the time. The critical bit is that you use the breaks to energize and come back. Do not take a ten minutes break to visit a colleague whose stories are endless. For example, you could meditate in this period.

Motivating yourself and your workspace

Now that you are in a private office, you need that energy you always had in that open workspace. There is no longer noise or the warmth of a colleague. You need to upbeat yourself. Have some empowering music on the background if you like it, some motivational music. Also, start your day motivated. YouTube helps a lot with that. Now get to work and kill it.

The choice of making the best of your work in a private office is yours. Adopt several helpful practices that can get you going through the day. Take action and be more productive.