Getting a private feels great. The real issues come from making it look convenient to work in. Considering you are the only that uses it, it could be a little messy through how you do things. From personal experience, I can tell you how I turned a good looking private office in a coworking space into an unbearable environment. Well, I do not want to go there. If you have already messed up then now’s the time to learn how to declutter your private office. Here’s what to do.

Only Keep What’s Important

Removing is the first step to decluttering. There are some things you just do not want to let go that make your private office untidy. There is this big file of a project you finished years ago, and another, and another. As much as they are your source of motivation, why not go ask for a commendation letter have it on a frame hang it somewhere. If it is a physical project, take a picture of it, frame it, and display it somewhere.

Use relevant technology

You can ease off the piles of paper in your office by applying technology for file management. Today we have pdf. Why not scan your important files and store them on the cloud. This way if you need a hard copy, you only need to print it and use it. Invest in a document management system or software and keep much of the paper in storage somewhere else. You will like how good your office looks.

Develop a way of keeping physical files

Look at what happens in your boss’ office. There are shelves and on most occasions, well arranged. If you can requisition for one that fits in your office, you could save yourself the embarrassment of a cluttered office. You could use the traditional filing system but only keep what you need in those files.

Label Everything

You need to have a way of identifying in your office. With the files on your shelves, that’s not the end. You need to label everything appropriately so that you do not clutter the room by having to remove every file from the shelves to access a single document.

Be conscious of the cable arrangement

Arranging your office is not just about the documents; there is also electronic equipment you need to keep in order. The wires running around need to be stacked together appropriately. Use the help of a technician to do this and keep your private space friendly.

Develop an organized mindset

Know that your office is a significant demonstration of the person. The cleaner may clean the office, your assistant could organize, but it is your responsibility to keep your office clean. Know which file goes where on the shelve, know where the important stuff should be, where to dispose of what you need, name them. Bottom line, be in control of your office space.

Decluttering your office is therapeutic. I get so uncomfortable working in an untidy place. If you are not may someday you will get tired. Take the step of making your private office clutter-free. You will love your results.