As the owner of a company, do you have that ample office space? Do you think that it is big and that part of it can be leased out to another business? Well, the answer is yes. This concept is referred to as a shared office. Since the thought to implement the model is there, it may be time to explore available benefits and limitations to adopting a shared office space.
Advantages of a shared office space

You will be more upbeat about work

After working with colleagues for a long time, there is a chance that your grit may disappear. Surrounding yourself with a new person working on their project tirelessly motivates. If you started losing some vibe about your work, then this an excellent way to restart it. The encouragement could take you a step further, which could be good for your work.

A shared officed defines some boundaries.

Working from your house is exciting. At first, you have those boundaries. You have set time to leave for a drink, to stretch your body a little, and even take a snack. In some cases, people lose that discipline and get distracted a lot while working from home. You could move to a shared office and resume to your discipline. You could reconstruct your discipline before resuming. This could help a lot.

Shared offices are cheaper.

You cannot bargain with the fact that leasing an office space is expensive. You will find companies have tried to acquire their offices, so they do not have to pay rent anymore. Apart from that, a more comfortable option is to do shared offices. You could lease a place together with a different company, share the costs and go about your business.

Now you know the advantages of having a shared office. There is more based on the nature of work you handle. Typically anything with upside has a downside as well, shared offices are not any different. Here we will focus on a few downsides to a shared office or rather a coworking spaces.


I have always imagined a private office is better than an open working space. I imagine that most coworking spaces or shared offices are just open. There is a lot of distraction in an open office. The reason is that team members can distract you. The lots of chatting, the lots of interruptions can take much of your time when you are organized.

No privacy

Working in shared office space could mean that you have to leave the room to make some calls. The first reason is that there are things you may not want to discuss certain things. Besides, it becomes more disturbing when you have to excuse yourself every time to make a call.

There is a lot you can talk about when it comes to shared offices. There are many advantages and disadvantages that come with using shared office space. The choice will depend on why you need a shared office.