Gabor Kerekes is an artist across disciplines who, while avoiding labels describes himself as “color driven”. Having been around art since his childhood but taking a more serious approach to it in the last 5-10 years Gabor has worked within digital art, graphic designing and photography alongside a main focus is on painting with acrylics. Through all of his works you can see colour is a large influence within his creative practice. 


After having worked for 8 years as a graphic designer, Gabor then moved to the UK 3 years ago and took a different direction. Having moved into a non artistic role as a full time job, Gabor stays creative by creating his artwork alongside the day job. 


Working alongside a creative venture can be challenging, but for an artist in a non artistic role having the opportunity to be artistic outside of a job is vital. For Gabor Kerekes it’s not a choice to do art but a need. When asked about his inspiration, Gabor responded “Inspiration can come in any shape and form, you just have to be open for it, motivation is self-driven, I need to do art.”. 

As a pure artist with the drive being to create and share the creations with the world, it is no surprise to hear that Gabor’s focus is what he thinks to make and how to make it as best as possible. His drive and focus does not come from any measurement of trends, clicks and likes… just the process of following his creative mind. 

Although Gabor follows his creativity over trends, as with most artists his hope for the future is to move forward in a way that allows creating art in a way that also provides the privilege of freedom. It’s a challenging pursuit for any artist and especially so if following creativity not trends and popularity, however it’s certainly not an impossible one. 


With success and opportunities to begin to develop into a creative venture and gain some visibility as an artist are arising for Gabor we can see his creative pursuits going far. Over the last year such Gabor has been featured in a newly forming art magazine, ‘We Are Zanna’, taken part in their pop-up shop at a local art shop during the summer and been involved in an art battle earlier this year. Dedicated to pushing his artistic venture forward, Gabor is pulling together an exhibition from my artworks, saying it’s “to take another step and show myself.”. 

To get to where he is now, Gabor has had to overcome challenges… just like most artists and start ups. Since moving to the UK Gabor has had a large challenge… starting a new life from zero. Despite the bumps along the way, Gabor has managed to continue to focus on what he loves to do: art. Having learnt to “keep moving forward, not to stop” when asking for Gabor’s advice to someone starting a creative venture his advice clearly comes from a place of personal learning…

“Stay focused, believe in yourself and move forward.”

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