Rachel Falber of Hare Raising Designs is an artist and illustrator, whose work we love! Having been an artist since 2012, Rachel originally found herself becoming an artist by accident! When showing some sketches to a gallery manager led to an exhibition, Rachel suddenly found herself an exhibiting artist…and so the rest followed. 


Primarily inspired by old natural history books, as well as David Attenborough and artists such as Jackie Morris or Edward Gorey; environment, nature and education are all prominent aspects of her design style. When we asked what sets her apart from others in the industry it was no surprise to hear eco awareness made the cut. Paired with a recognisable style having begun with macabre before transitioning into natural history art Hare Raising Designs creates a unique and inspiring collection of art.


Rachel’s passion for eco awareness and education which has always shown in her creative style following a natural history influence, has now flourished further. With an interest in creating a movement in educating the next generation through Hare Raising Designs, Rachel is now working on an exciting collaborative project. Through art and collaborative writing, Rachel is working to highlight nature’s beauty and vulnerability, using her business as a platform to make a difference and educate. 

The up and coming book series – “Uh-Oh!” Said Flo – looks to be opening up potential for lots of exciting new things for Hare Raising Designs, while also working towards Rachel’s dream of working with charities and giving back.

Like for all business owners though, the path is never straight forward. Finding herself constantly battling a financial war, never having enough time or money, Rachel struggles with some of the most common small business challenges. Never having both time and money, it’s an ongoing balancing act most business owners go through at some point during the startup process. Challenges with dips in motivation are another common small business challenge that Rachel has faced; finding that talking and working with other people, as well as being mindful of mental health often helps. Rachel shared what she’s learnt through managing these challenges, stating that communicating these struggles to other often remedies the situation. 

Hare Raising Designs has been running for a while now, with Rachel having experienced many of the ups and downs of running a small business. You learn a lot through experience, most importantly learning to remember why you’re pursuing your venture. Rachel’s piece of advice when asked what she’d tell someone else starting a creative venture really shows she’s learnt to remember her why, as well as to prioritise and trust herself throughout the process. Such an important skill to possess when running a small business, we are thrilled to see Hare Raising Designs following this belief and sharing it with others new to business. We are sure we’ll see incredible things from Hare Raising Designs to come…

“It’s your business, no one else’s, take advice selectively, you don’t have to take everyone’s advice, you are the boss of you.”

We love having Rachel’s work displayed around the office! To find out more about the artists we showcase check out our Instagram or blog posts