Member Josie of Atypical Furniture specialises in taking old furniture and either restoring, redesigning or completely reinventing into something new. Her up-cycling business takes old, wasted or unloved items and makes them beautiful again. 

During the colder months, most days Josie rides a bus to and from Bristol to work on the up and coming company website until Spring where she can start work on a whole new range of up-cycling furniture. Josie has expertise in cleaning, sanding, painting and repairing old furniture to help the up-cycling process. Down the line, she plans on having an outdoor working area so all year round she can work on her craft as well as the completion of the website so more customers can find her work. 

Up-cycling is an industry we at Raw Space love supporting. The environmental impact and waste reduction as a result of restoration an up-cycling is an ethos and mission we’ve been honoured to support. Whether it’s supporting Josie with making connections with other members, helping solve problems or showcasing her work. We love supporting the community and even more so when they have a fantastic cause such as reducing waste.

The quiet, safe space to work and the lovely social events drew Josie to Raw Space and she has been here for 9 months. “Everyone is very friendly here.” 


She gives some advice for people starting out, she says it is key to picture yourself in the future and where you want to be because little baby steps to bigger goals in the future can make all the difference. “Persistence … don’t let others put you off, especially clients or competition.”