The Garden of Edie was started and continues to be fuelled by a passion for floristry and creativity. Following her love of art Julie trained in floristry in 2000, however it wasn’t until hitting a crossroad early in 2019 that Garden of Edie came to fruition. 


After hurting her back the previous year, Julie found herself unable to sit at a desk for long periods which led to losing her job. With a motivation to begin doing something more fulfilling with her time, Julie found a way to both work on a fulfilling career and as a bonus find something she really enjoyed!


Enjoyment, love and beauty all contribute to the motivation behind The Garden of Edie. Julie says her motivation is ‘to create beautiful bespoke designs either small and intricate or large pieces, using faux flowers, that can be enjoyed for years to come.’ Between the rewarding feeling of creating something special and the process of getting great feedback Julie’s motivation is fueled by creativity and love. Having put her heart and soul into each and every piece, knowing she’s made something beloved and appreciated helps fuel Julie’s creativity. 


It’s this love, passion and care that really makes The Garden of Edie different. When asked what sets The Garden of Edie apart from others in the industy, Julie’s reply is “I truly care about creating my designs and I want all of my customers to love and appreciate each piece.” In small business it’s this care, passion and dedication to the customer that really makes the difference. 


When buying from a small or local business the personal touch and care all come as part of the package. This is why we love to support local small business, not only does it make a huge difference to someone’s life but they also put in the time, care and personal interaction that a larger corporation just can’t. 


One of our favourite parts of these features is seeing the successes small businesses and artists have achieved. For The Garden of Edie it’s having made a flower panel for the Bridal Shop in Westbury on Trym and working on creating an installation for a new beauty salon opening in Hanham. With Julie focusing on exposure and promotion of the brand to allow The Garden of Edie to grow this year its opportunities like these that will make the difference to the future of this creative venture. 


As Julie says “Nothing ever seems to run smooth and there are always obstacles to get over, but keep calm and there is always a way round any situation.” All small business owners, as well as most of us in our personal or career lives, will have huge challenges, doubts and fears at some point in our paths. For Julie a huge one was losing her job and deciding to do something different. No matter what the challenge, mistake or difficulty the important part is how it is overcome, how it helps develop you and the help you gain in the process. During Julie’s challenge she says “It was a massive help having the encouragement of my family and friends”. Whether it’s friends and family, business support or the self belief to overcome the problem it’s important to remember we all face challenges but they can always be overcome to lead to new opportunities. 


When we asked what we could expect for the future of The Garden of Edie, big projects and installations came up as the kind of projects we should be keeping an eye out for. We’re really excited to see this creative venture taking this direction and can’t wait to see more big displays across the city from The Garden of Edie.


To leave us we asked Julie for her piece of advice to someone starting a creative venture…. 

 “I’m still learning myself, but keep going, work hard, never give up and enjoy!”

  • Julie, The Garden of Edie

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