Workout at home! While outdoor exercise is great for those of us able to get out for a walk and keep to social distancing rules, it’s not suitable for everyone right now and the best solution is to stay home as much as possible!

So to make it easier for you to workout at home to stay fit we’ve put together a list of great indoor workouts for you:

  • PE with Joe – Yes it may be for kids, but that doesn’t mean it’s a breeze! It will get you that workout that’s for sure!
  • Yoga with Bryony – For a super relaxing but deep yoga workout this is for you!
  • Pop Pilates – Don’t like the monotony of counting moves? These pilates use great music to motivate you while using your body weight for a great workout
  • Mens Health and Women’s Health have some great moves to try right at home to get started on your fitness journey. Don’t have the equipment? Switch it out for tins, jars, bottles or other heavy items of similar weight.
  • Just want to drink wine? Well then this is the one for you

Got the kids at home and don’t know how to fit in an exercise? Make it fun!

  • Tag around the house is a GREAT source of energy and exercise so join in and get running!
  • Start a dance party. Blast the tunes and jump around, the kids will love it and it’s sure to get you moving!
  • Gymnastic moves. Take it in turns to try gymnastic moves, crabs, handstands, balancing. It will all benefit your health and your core while being a fun activity.
  • Drills or Obstacle Courses. In the garden or in the living room, set up a small drills session or obstacle course for the kids… then join in!


Have more suggestions for how to workout at home? We’d love to hear your workouts!