Bristol is a city full of incredible creative souls that deserve to be celebrated. As a city that has been named one of Europe’s most creative cities in a report from the European commission according to a Bristol 247 article, we’re proud to be part of such a diverse and creative culture! So to celebrate such a creative city and the incredible people who make it so, we’re launching a series of artist features. To kick start our local artist shout out’s we’re thrilled to be talking about an artists who’s work we’ve been lucky enough to display right here in our office. 




Alison of Fuzzy Comma first learn about resin art when refurbishing her kitchen into a bespoke galaxy theme design. We all love to have our personality and passion reflected in our homes to create a unique space we’re proud of and feel at home in. There’s no doubt this has been achieved for Alison, we certainly can’t say we’ve ever been in a kitchen like this before!


After the success of creating a bespoke kitchen in her own home (fully space themed with glow in the dark UV paint, glitter and bespoke lighting!) Alison’s passion for resin art has just continued to grow as she’s dedicated herself to learning and developing her skills within the craft. 




So what is it that really inspires Alison to create such beautiful and unique artwork? Well when we asked her the answer was ‘Creating something original is a real thrill’, which we weren’t surprised to hear! Since first meeting Alison we’ve consistently seen an excitement for challenge! Suggest a project that involves learning something new, trying something new or solving a problem and watch Alison light up with excitement and ideas! 


But of course, as with any start up journey it’s not all been fun and excitement. We know every small business hits challenges and hurdles, and we love to hear how they’ve been overcome. So while we’re sure there’s been many along the way we asked Alison about the biggest challenge she’s encountered so far…


 “Obtaining a space to work in. I ended up building my own log cabin workshop in my garden. I can recommend an excellent make of shed!” 


 One of the most exciting parts of speaking to start ups, innovators and creators like Alison is their passion and drive, which when faced with challenge leads to unique and exciting solutions or ideas. The determination and drive shown for this creative venture over the past two years has led to so much development, success and new opportunities. With tables now displayed in the Raw Space Co Working offices in Bristol and the opportunity to be displayed in a local artist exhibition, a commission for a Saturn astronomy themed table challenging Alison with resin required on both sides of the table… and the potential for developing another custom kitchen, Fuzzy Comma is definitely seeing a boost! 


So now that Fuzzy Comma is beginning to grow, we wanted to know what piece of advice Alison would share with someone starting a creative venture… 


“Ask for help but also keep your creativity close to the centre of what you do.”


If you’d like to see Alison’s work you can pop by the Raw Space Co working offices at 111 Gloucester Road between 9am – 5pm once isolation has been removed, or check out our events page to see when we’re next open to the public to drop in on a weekend!