It’s hard to stay safe and healthy during isolation and quarantine. So here are some of our top tips for staying safe with your health during the coronavirus outbreak.


  1. Social Isolation walks. Walking is a hugely undervalued health benefit, often being overlooked. Walking has huge health and wellbeing benefits and is an easy activity most of us can partake in. During social distancing and isolation it is important to follow the rules to stay safe: Only partake in one outdoor activity per day, stay at least 2 meters away from others and walk alone or with members of your household. Ensure you cross the road or move away from others and try to find quiet places to take your walk.
  2. Windows open! Fresh air has huge benefits for our health and wellbeing. Opening your windows to allow some fresh air into your home even if for a short while can make you feel more fresh, happy and calm.
  3. Gardening. Don’t undervalue your personal outdoor spaces right now. Many of us will have gardens that allow us to get in some activity and fresh air. Whether it’s a game with the kids in the garden, getting some exercise in with an outdoor yoga session or getting messy tending to the greenery there are huge health benefits right outside your door.
  4. No garden? Don’t despair! Even without a garden you can still enjoy nature and the health benefits of being outdoors. Those of us without a green space will usually have a balcony, terrace or driveway. During challenging times like these if you can’t get out for a walk safely with social distance and have no garden we have to make do with what we have! Take your morning coffee stood on your drive way, or get comfy and take a chair out with you! Enjoy the quiet listening to the birds and watching nature around you… you’ll still receive many of the wellbeing perks of nature and fresh air. Just make sure to partake in some indoor exercise to keep healthy all round.