We are thrilled to be announcing the collaboration between member and part time community manager here at Raw Space, Samantha, and Rachel of local design company Hare Raising Designs. 


This duo have been working for a while on developing an interactive, eco-friendly and educational book for children. Having premiered the book in an activity based workshop during Storytale Festival 2019 the project received brilliant feedback and captivated their audience of 1-8 year olds. They received great feedback from parents and children alike! While also creating a great relationship with the festival organisers Rachel and Samantha continued on with their mission to publish their children’s book.


We love to see collaborations come to life and especially see them take off. With collaborations taking place every day in the offices here between members, we love watching these connections come to life. The stories behind new partnerships and collaborations is always an exciting one with lots to be learnt. So here we’re going to share Samantha’s story….

The story:

Beginning from a simple discussion about Rachel’s plans for her business Hare Raising Designs, Samantha was looking for ways to support the business. When the idea of creating an eco friendly and educational children’s book arose Samantha new it was the perfect opportunity to get involved. She believed that it was an incredible ethos to support. Alongside a passion for creative writing that had never been followed, Samantha wanted to help. 


Swiftly becoming the author, while Rachel illustrated beautiful watercolour characters ready for the pages to come to life the project was on a roll. The partnership was offered a place at the Storytale Festival hosting an interactive kids workshop. Without a finished story, designed pages or a brand the ladies pulled together an activity based workshop reading the story and leaving the ending to the kids to decide. 


They received great feedback from kids and parents alike at the sell out workshop. This filled Rachel and Samantha with confidence, pushing them to set a deadline to plan and launch their project through a crowdfunder this year. 


Here to Help:

Due to the coronavirus outbreak their proposed launch has been postponed. They had plans to launch a subscription group for additional interactive activities and education for children for after the book launch. The pair decided to push forward the club launch making access completely free for all families. Wanting to support children and parents through this challenging time, the Uh-Oh’s Activity Club is now live! With it comes free downloads, kids competitions, events and activities for all!


Uh Oh Books plans to launch their first children’s book “Uh-Oh!” Said Flo later in 2020. The interactive book paired with activity packs, poster and stickers as standard has been created specifically to educate and engage children on the climate change topic and how to take action. With additional interactive aspects such as a series of workshops with schools and groups. Alongside a bespoke card game in collaboration with Board Game Bud (Another Raw Space member) there’s a lot of exciting opportunities arising from this collaboration.


We are excited to see further updates from this partnership and support such a great campaign. To see updates in their launch as well as receive freebies, competitions and lots of other goodies you can sign up to their mailing list at www.uhohbooks.com