It’s a challenging time right now with so many changes to our home lives, work lives and general life. One of the most challenging aspects for many of us is adapting to working from home with children.


Whether the idea of having the kids at home while you work from the living room or home office for the next 12 weeks sends you into panic or seems like a challenge you can take on we’re here to help. There’s a reason why we all love offices, co working spaces and getting out the house. Staring at the same four walls day in day out can send you pretty stir crazy pretty fast…and that’s before we start thinking about the kids knocking at the door every 5 minutes asking for a snack, fighting over sharing or moaning that they’re bored.

So… here’s our top tips for working at home with the children during the Covid 19 lockdown (and some great free downloads from UhOh Books at the bottom of this post!)


1. Conference Calls 

Most parents try to avoid or restrict TV time understandably. These are unusual times though so it’s ok to let things slip a little, if you need an hour or two completely undisturbed and TV will do that for you then use it! It’s ok to do what you need to get that quiet time.

If TV doesn’t get the quiet time you need, or you’d rather try avoiding it here’s some other ideas for un disrupted conference calls:

Garden time! If the weather holds up why not set up some garden time and work from the kitchen. You’ll be able to close those doors and keep the noise outside while keeping an eye on the little ones now and again to make sure they’re not up to any mischief! Activities such as water painting and ice painting on patio slabs, wood or other flat materials is a great activity to keep young ones occupied for long periods. For older kids set up a building or nature inspired activity such as building bug hotels, making a raft or obstacle course.
Top Tip: Make sure you leave bottles of drink and other necessary resources outside for less interruptions!


2. Learning Time 

We want our kids to still be learning over the next couple of months at home, but that’s hard to manage while we work from home too. Try to set tasks that your children can do with little help from you alongside your work. Set fun activities you can join in with and tasks your children will need your support with during times you can put your work down. Use some of the online video resources for fun learning while you work or find download paper resources for the kids to work on while you also work, setting up ‘work hours’ while you and they sit together and work. For the kids this could be anything from colouring or tracing letters and numbers, right up to math equations and writing a story.


Here are some of the top resources we’re recommending that you won’t have seen on main stream promo:

For the older kids and adults:


Free Activity Club: 

Our member and part time community manager, Samantha is also a children’s author. She has started Uh-Oh! Books– a series of eco friendly, educational and interactive children’s books with Bristol based illustrator, Rachel. They had plans to start a subscription service with their interactive and educational activities… due to Coronavirus outbreak they have decided to launch the Uh-Oh’s Activity Club early and completely for free during home quarantine to help with working at home with children.


By joining the Uh-Oh’s Activity Club via the mailing list sign up for free you get:

  • Free downloadable activity sheets
  • Access to the Club group on Facebook
  • Support and ideas from other parents in the group
  • A daily #SharingIsCaring hour to help each other with challenges and ideas
  • Weekly competitions kids can enter and win prizes
  • Themed activities based around educational downloads and resources
  • Fun learning activities of videos, live videos and workshops teaching fun and educational skills including kids yoga, drawing, writing and more.

Uh-Oh Books also shares a lot of resources as found above, having provided us with the list of resources we’ve included in this post.