Kimba Cooper is the founder of Kimba Digital Marketing – a highly successful and growing business providing social media coaching and management. Along with her team she helps businesses to get the best out of their social media. Kimba Digital Marketing have been at Raw Space since April 2018, but are now moving because their business is expanding.

How did you start Kimba Digital Marketing?

Many years working in corporates, a happy accident, a self-employed role, The Prince’s Trust, Entrepreneurial Spark and a whole lot of stubbornness!

What do you love about your job?

We work with many varied industries which means that we learn a lot of things that most people aren’t even aware of. Getting right into the heart of each business is all part of the service. We love working with small businesses and helping them to get their brand out there!

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It’s really exciting for you guys that Kimba Digital Marketing is doing so well! Where do you see it heading in the future?

Social media changes so quickly that we have to be adaptive. I imagine we’ll develop more online courses so that we can help people outside of the local area, but who knows what that might evolve to look like!

How has being at Raw Space helped your business grow?

The flexibility around pricing meant that I could hire staff without worrying about paying through the nose for the office space. It’s also really centrally located which I think has helped with recruitment! Sam and the team are always willing to work with you to make the space work for the team.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve worked on?

We’re doing a lot of innovative activities to help small businesses master Instagram. Our free 5 day Instagram for business challenge #instabizweek has become semi-famous locally and has enabled us to help thousands of businesses get results from Instagram. It’s so much fun to run and its success demonstrated how much need there is for training in this area. That’s why we set up the InstaMind an online mastermind designed to teach businesses how to grow their following in a targeted way – something that can be tricky – but results in increased brand reach, engagement, leads and sales too (what small business doesn’t want those things?!)

Raw Space, Raw Space Coworking, Coworking, Gloucester Road, Bristol, Cowork Bristol

What has been your favourite thing about Raw Space?

Daniel would probably say the best thing about Raw Space is the fact that you let people bring in their dogs. I think as a team we’d have to say the coffee machine – in fact I may have overheard Charlie and Daniel plotting how they could take it with them when we leave….

Outside of work, what do you love most about Bristol?

It’s so diverse. I moved here because there is so much to do and see. Bristol is so vibrant and there’s always something happening – you can’t get bored here!

Finally, do you have any top tips for small businesses wanting to improve their social media channels?

Figure out who you are trying to attract and write all of your content for them. The better you get at this – the better your results will be.

If you would like to know anything else about Kimba Digital Marketing then find them on social media!