December is a wonderful time of the year. The streets are lit up with festive colours, Christmas markets everywhere and everyone is talking about their holiday plans. So it’s understandable that trying to keep focus on your work is significantly harder but here are some things you can do to help you get shit done.


Divide and Conquer

Instead of trying to complete your whole workload in one go, divide them into smaller chunks. This will give you a sense of achievement at multiple completion. It helps you feel like you’ve done more in the day and keeps you going for longer. It also means after each task, you can take a break without losing focus.


Start Early

As this time of year is full of festivities, starting earlier means you can clock out early to enjoy the festivities. Give yourself some time to shop for that last minute Christmas presents and try the delicious food and drinks that Christmas markets have to offer. Having fun activities to do at the day will help you to focus because you know there will be something to look forward to. We know a treat goes a long way.


Avoid Social Media

Some of your friends might have taken their holidays early and already started on the festivities. Seeing other people having fun while you are trying to focus can be demotivating. Save that social media time when you’re out at the Christmas market.


Have A Holiday

You might have a deadline due and that’s why you are powering through the holiday periods. It is important that plan to take some time off after the work is done. Even have a mini break and look after yourselves. Sleep in, binge watch some TV, and eat loads. You deserve it.


We would like to hear what you guys do to keep yourselves motivated in December!