Getting a coworking space is not enough. There are things you need to do to ensure your first day is not a day to remember badly. These practices will also help you sail through during your time at the coworking space.

Check and beef up internet connection

Working in a coworking space means you will also be doing a lot of research. There is no faster way of researching than using the internet. In the case the laptop is not doing well with internet connection in the coworking space, come with a backup could be a portable modem, or you can use your phone as a hotspot.
Having your internet is also important since there can be a power outage. If you are a freelancer, you might miss submitting a job on deadline. Be prepared to avoid a wasteful day.


Ensure you use a VPN

You are not aware of the people around. Protect information, data and passwords by using VPN to avoid spying. Just like a new kid in school, you can be bullied silently without anybody noticing, be careful so that you do not have a first day not having achieved anything with your projects.
Using a network that protects you ensures you also do not use information until you understand how the connection of the working space works.


Protect your laptop

Some people can attempt accessing your laptop just to see what you are up to when you have left for a break. Try to use different identification methods like a face recognition. Even by behaving friendly, your neighbour could be creepy and it will be best not to trust anyone until you know him or her better.


You need a backpack

A backpack is like a small home. Having one at your disposal will be a source of convenience. Carry chargers, snacks, water and anything else that you will need throughout the day. Being self-sufficient is a good way to start in a coworking space before you get used to the members.
Take your time to know your environment. Know where the printer, the router, the sockets, the conference rooms, the telephone receiver and washroom are located. You do not want to find yourself walking to a member and asking about many different things on a busy day. Being aware of your environment means, you will not affect other members of a coworking space.


Know the people in charge of the coworking space.

On getting to the coworking space, ensure you know the person that oversees the daily operations. Seek their contact details or know them so that you can consult any time you need their assistance. There could be lesser sockets; you might need help with an electricity extension for that purpose. A faulty socket that needs repair, light coming from a given window. This person will ensure you are comfortable as you handle your work. They can also fill you in on additional details about the open and close schedules of the workspaces. Being friends with a co-working space manager will ensure you get the support you require faster like the ones that have not made rapport with the manager.