How to improve your coworking experience

Imagine this scenario: you’ve just signed up for a co-working space and you want to make the best out of this opportunity. You’d like to increase your efficiency, performance and productivity so you can find value for your money. Look no further, with the help of the hacks below, you can improve your co-working experience and get the best results out of it.


Plan ahead

You are in charge of everything you do in a co-working space. This authority means you need to organise everything. Keep yourself focused with a paper schedule of all the next day’s events or a template on your PC. Try to solidify your plans – start with daily goals, then weekly goals, then monthly goals (this way you can compartmentalise the tasks on a priority basis!). By being your own time manager, you’re able to achieve more milestones with little time.


Attend co-working community events

The main attraction of co-working, besides doing your work in an attractive space, is networking. Co-working communities host lots of events aimed at bringing workspace colleagues together. Take advantage of these events: show up to the events and let your face be familiar, sell your idea to people, and listen to what others have to say. It is important to know people in the community on a personal level, such as their abilities and interests. Try to create partnerships, which could bring new blood to your projects or even get yourself genuine investors.


Voice Cancelling

Co-working spaces can get busy so you might find certain noises irritate you – someone could be typing too hard on their keyboard, reading out loud, or making phone calls. You can detach yourself from disturbance for part of the day by using noise cancelling headphones or listening to soft music as you work. Less distraction will allow more achievements in your daily targets.


Meditation and yoga

Some co-working spaces have empty areas for meditation and refreshing yourself. It is clear that sitting at your PC for most of the day can be taxing for your body and your mind. Try to give yourself breaks for some yoga or meditation. By stretching your body, you can promote blood circulation and reduce any strains that result from sitting down for hours. Through meditation, you can ensure that your mind ventilates and release stress in order to boost your efficiency at work. These two practices will help you to achieve maximum success at your goals in the co-working space because your body and mind are being encouraged to function optimally.



The manager of a co-working space is one of the best assets of a co-working community. They are the primary resource of the work-space, almost like a librarian. Use them because they know the members more extensively than anyone else you could find. They make it their aim to learn about everyone and what they do. Do not hesitate to ask questions and press buttons for networking, only by doing so can you get the best out of your time as a co-worker. A manager can point you to the right partner or an investor in the workspace for your small enterprise or startup with ease.


Customise and personalise your workspace

It is possible that the design of the whole co-working space could be the same. How do you make the space meet your own needs and give you a more personal work-feel? Have the items which make your operation easy near you. Whether you might need a pen holder, plain paper, a ruler or eraser, keeping all these items in one place and easily accessible makes work far less strenuous.