How coworking space helps your business

Coworking refers to a style of work whereby people, groups, professionals share office workspaces.

Coworking people do not have to belong to the same organisation or employer. In other words, coworking people working independently but could be sharing values what we synergy today. A freelancer like me can choose to subscribe to a coworking workspace due feeling bored or isolated. Coworking is a good way to avoid distraction at home.

Benefits of coworking

You are at home and you are feeling the office feeling is quickly fading away, you feel you are actually not at work. Your favourite TV show is just keeping you from meeting deadlines, you just got an hourly assignment but you do not have the energy to sail through its activities successfully. You have just heard about coworking spaces and you are asking yourself what are its benefits. The benefits below will make you ditch your house desperately start looking for a coworking space.


You will become more effective

At school, we used to work better when we had a feeling that the person seated next to you is working better. Coworking spaces will give you the right mindset during your everyday jobs. Working just beside other people even if you do not fully know them gives you focus, confidence and productivity in whatever you are doing. For six months now I have been leaving home for a friends’ coworking space, he works as a virtual assistant and even without us talking for a couple of hours a lot is achieved with very little time and lesser energy.


Coworking is a good way of avoiding distractions

Your son just, brother or cousin just came for holidays. They are just the people that keep you off your game. They can’t keep running behind the seats, some asking where you have placed your TV remote. Subscribing to a coworking space is just the solution you are looking for in this period. You can sacrifice some hours of your day, do your jobs, submit and get back home.


Loneliness slows you down, the company keeps you on speed

You just moved out of your house having saved enough to house yourself in your own place. You are feeling homesick, lonely, and stressed by forces you are finding hard to fight. A coworking space with people just pressing their keyboards is enough to keep you awake as you work. You can spend your break time talking and connecting with people in the coworking space.


Thinking of an office, stop it

Are you ready to pay for space and invest in infrastructure like internet connection? A coworking space can come with an internet connection, meditation room, washrooms, kitchen and even friends. A coworking space is cheaper or convenient, it will always get new people each time, before you think of having a new office that reverses you to boredom, loneliness and distractions, consider a coworking space.



Earlier on I spoke about sharing same values. People in coworking spaces are maybe working on something, starting something or working towards becoming something. They are basically entrepreneurs. You might be going through self-doubt; seeing these people fight their own challenges, sharing experiences challenges you, even more, they are the best people to guide you through the challenges you face in your startup.