The Coworking Etiquette

You are the person that loves people, you can laugh at any of their stories, have fun with people you don’t know about. You just got your space and might be thinking you just need to go to the workplace and just lobbying and talking but you might overdo it and even become scary. To make sure you are on the right track subscribe to a number of rules to guide the way you carry yourself in a coworking space:

Leave the Space Clean when You Leave

Once the day has come to an end clean up your space. It could be a shared or solo space but be organized and clean. If you have to leave anything on the desk put them in order and dump used papers. You will not easily connect with people if you do not connect with your workspace mate. Before you know each other well they will judge you, create a good impression through the way you leave your desk.


Manage noise

The main reason you have come to a coworking space is to avoid distractions, focus, increased performance and productivity by maintaining high concentration levels. In your breaks you might choose to listen to music or make a call. Use a headphone instead of playing the music on loudspeaker just to avoid disturbing those around you. Excuse yourself from the room and take a call outside if you know your voice cannot be controlled in a busy coworking space. People can misunderstand you and ignore you if they feel you affecting them with noise.


Do it yourself

As you acquire a space know how to connect the wifi or how to connect a PC to a printer. You do not want to be a month or two in and whispering to your coworking space mate at inappropriate times to come and help you do a connection. They might lose respect for you or avoid you because they have a deadline where you are bothering them.


Learn to time your connection and collaboration periods correctly

Observe how people work in the work space and know the time when most of them take their breaks. Approach after a break, and introduce yourself, know each other slowly, if they ignore you move to someone else until they are ready to talk to you. The end of the day in the best time, book them or pique their interest at the start of the day. Someone interested will get back to you when they see you are free just to know what you are working on what and what you need.


Respect your colleagues’ physical space

Carry only the things you need for a day. You do not want to infringe on colleagues’ space. They might fear telling you and ignore you because it feels embarrassing. Treat their space the way you will want them to treat yours. You can ask for a locker or space to keep your items that way you will also create more space for your working during the day to avoiding stumbling on the items as you walk around.
The above will make you different, even the ones that have been in the coworking space for a long time can for a long time want to connect with you, allow them to whenever you are ready. Make the best out of your time with them.