How to pick the coworking space for you?


You might’ve heard about co-working spaces for a while now. It might seem like a risk, trying to be more effective at what you do and ditching that home office for a co-working space. You should consider a number of aspects before you subscribe to a co-working space around the space itself and the co-workers themselves, as discussed below.

Good Infrastructure

Good lighting, good internet connection, enough outlets and a good ventilation system are only a few of the things necessary for a suitable co-working space. The biggest worry of every worker is that, just before the submission of your project, the power goes off or the internet connection goes down and you’ll be left without an option. Therefore, find out what happens in such circumstances and check for alternatives to power problems and internet issues. It’s also important to make sure your co-working space has enough power outlets and good ventilation so that your work is easy and comfortable.


Networking Opportunities

It’s very unlikely you would go to co-working spaces to work non-stop for a whole day. You also meet people with interests in various fields, and a good co-working space will connect you with such people. They could be investors, contractors, or middlemen that can help you achieve profitability i.e. anyone who can help you find healthy partnerships and the right investments. Check that your potential co-working space allows such networking to thrive.


Evaluate the Co-workers

You want to work with specific people of interest. Take a visit to the workspace, ask for a list of the clients and have an idea of the people in the co-working space. For instance, if you were to start a house sitting business and you were doing your research; you’d want to meet real estate agents to find out the needs and criteria of their clients. Your colleagues don’t have to be like you, but they need to possess the character and personality you’re looking for. You require the right attitude to motivate your house-sitting startup.


The Reception and Client Service

People housed in co-working space have individual needs, so all the co-workers may require something different. A good business creates a good impression through its reception and client service. You don’t want to subscribe to a co-working space in which your power outlet suddenly malfunctions and you’ve got to become the person most dedicated to fixing the electricity.


Security for Everything

As much as we are professionals, we are human. The best way to protect our items is to create systems and procedures which safeguard against potential loss or damage. A good co-working space ensures strict security for the safety of clients’ personal assets. For example, one sign of a good security system might be a document of items people bring in and leave with, surveillance systems or security guards.


The Pricing System

Different co-working space providers have different payment packages. You need to choose a co-working space provider that suits your pocket. It’s not likely to be cheap so let the services of the co-working space guide the amount you are willing to pay. Always remember to get timelines and the house rules from the provider before you move into the working space.