Raw Space is a Bristol-based coworking company that offers a place for businesses to collaborate. But what exactly is a co-working space and why is it different to offices? And what benefits does using one offer? We will explore this in this week’s blog post.

First, let’s discuss a little bit about Raw Space. Raw Space can be found at 111 Gloucester Road, just around the corner from the Hobgoblin Pub (just in case you need an extra nudge to visit yourself!) Sam Hicks, Raw Space’s manager, recognised all co-working offices were focused in the city-centre, and saw the demand for more further afield, thus the northern Bristol co-working space opened up there.
Raw Space is used by multiple people of various age demographics. You can get in contact with these people here.
But Raw Space understands that life shouldn’t be all work and no play. Along with being able to spend your work time there, Raw Space is also open for people to spend their personal time. A full list of the activities on offer are available to see here.

Now why should you use Raw Space? There are many reasons why a co-working space can be beneficial to you in regards to you work and personal life.
For working, Raw Space offers rooms with different design structures for different occupations in mind, so you can pick the right place for you, and only work around other people with similar roles and goals. This will mean you get to work in an environment without distraction. The places to choose from include a head-space for more quiet, focused work, an open space that encourages collaboration and a creative space complete with board games and a library.
What’s more, since so many people with different sets of skills use Raw Space, finding someone to collaborate with who meets your needs is almost guaranteed, and you can begin building up a network of connections; because in every business, it’s not what you know that’s most important, but who you know.
And as outlined earlier, Raw Space is for more than just working. There are always a wide variety of events taking place. For example, Friday 30th March is ‘Family Friday’, and also there is a social event taking place at Gloucester Road pub. Being a growing community, within Raw Space you are likely not only to build up a network of contacts you can rely on in a business sense, but make friends with whom you can enjoy quality time with.
And although a membership fee is required, Raw Space offers a variety of packages so you can find the perfect one that fits your schedule and budget. Check out what memberships are available here. New members can apply for a free seven-day trial, but we have no doubt you’ll love it so much you’ll want to stick around!

No doubt Raw Space has piqued your interest, and if you’re eager to learn more, take the virtual tour, and see if Raw Space is the right fit for you!