Welcome to this week’s Raw Space blog post! Today, we will be talking a little about accountability groups. You might be wondering what an accountability group is, or what they are good for, but don’t worry, as we’ll answer that question and more in this week’s blog post.


What is an Accountability Group?

An accountability group is a small group of who help keep each other motivated when working on big projects. Accountability groups share their work, or the goal they are working towards and regularly report to each other on their progress. The name for this type of group comes from the fact they hold each other accountable for setting a quota to meet for their project, and sticking to that quota, for those who need the extra nudge to get working


The Advantages of Accountability Groups

The main advantage of accountability groups is that it helps you keep motivated. Having others hold you responsible for the work you do an a daily or weekly basis is a good way to jump-kick you into action. Being social creatures, we respond well to being around others, and receiving praise and recognition for the work we do. This is why accountability groups are a successful way to ensure you are on track with working towards whatever project you have going on. It’s also an opportunity to expand your network of connections, and broaden your horizons, see what other people work on and how they go about achieving their goals.


Tips for Creating an Accountability Group

If you are looking to establish an accountability group, the important thing to bear in mind is what you are hoping to achieve with the support the group can provide. Once you have that in mind, you can then search for like-minded individuals who might be interested in joining. It might be tempting to just stick to close friends, and while it is not an issue to have friends as members of the group, you should reach out to others you might usually not associate with.
Working with friends, you might be more tempted to “let each other off the hook” or to find yourself chatting away rather than being productive.

Don’t be disheartened if you find an accountability group isn’t for you. Not everyone will respond well to it, and you might find it isn’t motivating you. More confident and outgoing people will find it easier than those with anxiety, so remember this if you are considering creating a group.

Another important element is the location. If you are all from different countries, then a place online is more suited to your needs, such as a Facebook group, or using an online messaging app like Discord, where you can set up your own server with text and voice chat rooms. That way, weekly voice calls can be scheduled to see where everyone is up to.
For those fortunate to live in close proximity, you could look into renting a co-working space like Raw Space!