How to Motivated Your Team


As Raw Space prides themselves in being a space for supporting businesses both new and old, so let’s tackle one of businesses toughest issues – keeping employees motivated.

Workers are the cogs that are needed to keep the machines of all companies in motion. Without them, no business could ever run, so it is imperative they remain motivated in the workplace. Let’s discuss some ideas on how you can manage this.

A Happy Worker is a Motivated One

If a worker is happy in their work, it follows that they will then be more productive in turn. In order to keep your workers feel valued, have regular meetings with staff members, just regular check-ups to see how they feel about working for you, and any changes you could make for them to feel more accommodated. Obviously you can’t make major changes to the workplace, such as promoting them to a managerial position on the spot or giving them a huge raise, just smaller things like vending machines, or ergonomic equipment if it is a office, for example. But communication is key to make sure you employees know that you acknowledge them and the work they do for the company.

Incentives might work also. For example Gleem, a Bristol-based cleaning company, offer ‘Cleaner of the Month Awards’, rewarding the most hard-working employee each month to not only boost productivity but to keep their workers feeling valued.


Train Employees

Training employees is a must. If they receive adequate training for their position, they will feel more comfortable. This also feeds into the idea of keeping your staff force happy, as trained employees will recognise you are dedicating the time and resources to train them.

And training them will maximise efficiency in the workplace regardless. There are online programs dedicated to training employees, tracking progress and offering courses to keep employee training simple.


Set an Example

Show yourself to be as hardworking as you want your staff to be. After all, if you aren’t work harding, then why should they?

And people will always pick up on others mood and replicate them unknowingly. Demonstrate that you are excited and happy to work and your workers will emulate this in return.


Give Them a Goal to Work Toward

Giving them an end-goal to work towards will no doubt help boost motivation. If they don’t have something to work towards, then they won’t really feel like giving their all to their work. So remind them of pressing deadlines to let them know they are working for something, or better yet, offer promotions or rises for employees that are performing particularly well. This will be an even more effective method of pushing them to keep motivated, as it’s offering a reward they will no doubt want.