I stroll along Gloucester Road, soaking in the local, independent attitude and checking out the local artwork and street art.

I arrive at 111 Gloucester Road, grab my swipe card and scan myself in the front door of Raw Space.

As I walk in I notice a new event has been put in the board at the bottom of the stairs…it’s yoga tonight…I think I’ll go.

As I walk up the stairs I hear people engaged in morning conversation about their businesses sat at the communal desks. At the top of the stairs I hang my coat, get my laptop out of my bag and walk through the space: I have a few key things to get done today so I think I’ll start in Head Space: it’s quieter in there, and it’ll help me get through this task list of mine.

I see 1 desk free on a 4 pod of desks by a window and put my laptop down there: the members on the other 3 seats are hard at work, but break from their work to smile and say hi. I usually sit down at the other desks but I like to change it up. I sit down, open my mac and settle in to my to do list: having people around me that are working hard motivates me so much more…when I’m at home it’s far too easy to do random chores (or binge watch the newest series on Netflix).

I’m halfway through my task list for the day and it’s only 11am: so I treat myself to a coffee: in the kitchen I see a few people gathering around the professional coffee machine. They’re having a lesson in making latte’s, I’ve always wanted to know how to make a proper coffee so I join in on the lesson. With some assistance I make a coffee that a barista would be proud of, great, because with unlimited free tea and coffee I’ll be taking advantage of my new skill!

As I walk back to my desk I decide to change my working position so move to the standing desk to keep my posture in check. By the time I hit 1pm I’ve completed my to do list and feel proud. I look around and spot someone I met at a business networking event last week, she looks hungry too, so I invite her to lunch. We stroll along Gloucester Road and chat about what sort of food we fancy: a quick check on Wriggle and City Munch shows us a plethora of choice: we decide to eat at Eat a Pitta, my favourite falafel place in the world, it’s delicious as always. Even though she’s never tried it before I persuade her to come to yoga with me. It’s great to help people try new experiences and I know how relaxing yoga is at the end of a class (not necessarily during the class though!).

After lunch we go back to Raw Space and I move myself into open space. With my to do list for the day completed it’ll be another great opportunity to work on the business not in the business. I sit down at one of the whiteboard tables, grab some marker pens and start scribbling some ideas for how to grow my business. I naturally start talking to a few other people on the table who are using the whiteboard table too. When I’m in the space I feel supported by the other members, we’re all in this together, challenging ourselves to achieve. We all set intentions together and write them up on the whiteboard. Sometimes it’s intimidating to put your intentions out into the world. Some people don’t like it, but every time I do it I find myself much more committed to making sure I complete the actions and allows me to stay at my desks and focus on good work for the majority of the day.

I glance up at the clock, it’s 5:30pm and yoga starts at 6. What a great day, task list done, some great decisions made on how I’ll grow my business and now for some exercise and reflection.

The yoga participants filter into the room where yoga happens and we enjoy a deep stretch…lovely.

I leave Raw Space for the day feeling accomplished and refreshed, with a spring in my step as I walk back home to see my family, excited to spend the evening with them, and equally excited to get back into Raw Space and achieve some more.