Why I Love Bristol

Inspiration is Everywhere.

It’s the end of September, which means the freshers’ parties are over, and it’s safe to go outside again. Alternatively, for a business owner, it’s the perfect time to start working towards preparations for Christmas. Bristol is bursting with regular market stalls. Applications for the Christmas Market fast approaching, so there’s no better time to start planning ahead and beating the mad rush. As the main hot spots of Bristol, St Nicholas and Harbourside stalls are sure to be filling up fast with diverse street food, artists and designers alike.


St Nicks Christmas Market

Bristol. Probably the most creative city in the UK, is filled with a range of interesting entrepreneurs. You can be one of them. With a huge network of coworking spaces and studios dotted around, shoppers don’t have to venture far to come across works of; Karve creating bespoke timepiece jewellery, Katcha Bilek and her stylish versatile bags and belts made from recycled bike tyres and seat belts, and Matt Manson’s accessories plastered with your favourite geometric patterns and fractals. Bristol is well sign posted, leading to several art trails, and will be there with open arms to help you along the way.

Matt Manson – Ceramics

Most of these you can find stocked in Co-Lab, an independent art store (just a stone’s throw away from us here at Raw Space) where you can discover new designers, and support your local artists!
You may be new to the area. Unsure of where to even start finding inspiration. A regular wander through the Bear Pit is a great venture. The graffiti, wheat pastes and stickers all update on a regular basis, and attracts artists from all over the world. Cyclists and pedestrians, receiving the best view.


@whatsvictorupto – Sidewalk Artist from Toronto, ON Canada.


Why not take a walk down Nelson Street? Another vibrant path through the heart of Bristol, where you will be greeted by towering sky-high murals. To bask in their shadow is quite jaw dropping. It’s hard to truly comprehend their size. While trying to process the thoughts of, how were they executed at such a scale? Either side of Nelson street you can find various independent shops, such as 5 POINTZ, A premium footwear and clothing store. (Maybe named after New York’s historical graffiti mecca, which is now 48 and 41 story buildings, creating 1115 apartment flats. As a result of creating another trophy of modern-day gentrification. Something which is also happening all around Bristol. Luckily, you can avoid building site noise in a nice, comfy cowork space) While offering limited edition sneaker releases and globally sourced brands, there is probably something to suit all tastes.

Across from 5 POINTZ is The Island, a studio complex based inside the Old Bridewell Police Station. With over 100 resident artists, music and dance studios, and gallery space inside, you can’t miss it. The outside, decorated with reverse graffiti. The process involves a stencilled design, placed on top of a dirty surface (such as the ground, or the side of a building) and then power washed clean. Leaving a crisp image of the design.

These are some of my favourite parts of Bristol.

What is your favourite part of working in Bristol ?