What makes a good coworking space for you


The idea of working in a coworking space is becoming popular all over the world because of its advantages. It now has different names like Desk Rental, Desk Hire or even hired desk. The best, however, are ones which care about the community they build. No matter the name you give it, the idea is the same. It is a place that usually has the facilities of an office where you can work.


While desk rental has several other benefits, the main reason people make use of it is that they are tired of working at home alone. Some freelancers believe there are too many distractions at home. So they will rather work go for desk hire. This second category of people is for mothers who have toddlers as kids. You know mothers will always be mothers. Even if you have a babysitter at home, you can’t totally ignore the cry of your kid. And this will be some kind of distraction to you.

Most providers of coworking space usually have people pay a certain amount monthly as a membership fee to be able to use the platform. When choosing a space, you need to look for certain qualities before you join/register.



The most important quality to consider is cost. You need to check several desks to hire and pick the one with the lowest cost especially when the only reason you need it is to avoid home loneliness.



It is better you go for the nearest one to you. This will reduce your amount of bus fare or the amount of gas you burn. If you are lucky to have anyone within walking distance to your house, it should be your best bet. This is very important if you will need to visit the desk often. Your daily transport fare can amount to a large amount of money over a long period.


Fast internet access

It is not likely that you will find any desk rental without internet access especially not the best. However, some of them offer better internet than others. Speed of internet matters for those who will be doing a lot of online researches like a freelance article writer. In other words, you should check out the speed of their internet.


Check the comfortability of the space

Some chairs and desks are not ergonomically designed so you can’t be comfortable in them for long. Remember, the more the comfort, the longer you can work. So you should check the comfort level of the furniture (table and chair).


Availability of food, coffee and tea

It is important that food, coffee and tea are available for sale in the location so that you won’t need to wander about in search of food. You may just need to take some tea. It is better to select coworking space with the availability of tea, coffee, snacks or a full meal within the same building.


Prioritize your requirements

It is not likely that you will find one space that has all the favourable qualities so you should prioritize. For instance, the desk rental with the lowest charges may not be the nearest to you.