Why Raw Space is special

Bristol is one of the most culturally diverse, modern and buzzing cities in the UK. This makes for a thriving hub for businesses to grow and is a prime place for people to start their own company.

Bristol City has to be one of the best places to hot-desk: you are going to network with a wide range of people from different cultures, business areas, upbringings and schools. Whether it is creative or financially motivated, old or young this city has it all to offer.

Gloucester road is known as the local hub for independent businesses and is one of Bristol’s most famous independent shopping districts. Raw Space is located right in the middle of the main strip of shops at 111 so not only will you be surrounded by like-minded people inside the space, outside you are surrounded by others for inspiration and a strong social attraction to make your experience even more enjoyable too.

Raw Space will source inspirational business speakers, life coaches and more. Events for members will be monthly and fortnightly, and we’ll iterate based upon attendance and popularity. We hope people can look forward to gaining something extra from Raw Space: making us much more than a desk and a chair. People can gain inspirational help from other business gurus making Raw Space a hub for business and social development to cover all our member’s needs.

Raw Space produces a better working environment and in turn, produce more productive work than a café or a home is the personal interaction you get with members and the service you get from the space manager. Sam is Raw Space’s manager. It is his role to constantly be on hand to ensure that each and every one of our members are happy with the space, the way they are treated, and the service that is provided.

Coworking is a more productive environment than working elsewhere because of the community aspect of working in an open environment. Coworking allows you to build friendships, business relations with others and share ideas with like-minded people maximising your work efficiency. Being surrounded by such people mean opportunity arises to network with other businesses, potentially new clients, and to meet others that can simply aid your business.

A major technical advantage Raw Space has is our mobile app (on Apple and Android). You can use the app to book out meeting rooms and desks to guarantee you can work in the space you want when it’s busy and for the time period you want. The application allows you to book a specific space in advance of coming as the separate rooms have their independent assets: Head space is designed for quieter more independent work, and Open space has larger tables designed for working with others, sharing ideas and collaboration.

Freelancers and small independent businesses are often run using online devices and it can often mean the freelancers end up working from home on a computer. Coworking spaces allow these people to network with others and bring the aspects of a work and social environment that they might otherwise be missing if working entirely independently.

Raw Space gives freelancers a space to run their operations from and gives them a place to meet clients for meetings.

Working from home has benefits: people feel a sense of freedom and might be less stressed than when they are at work. Getting an alternative environment separate to your home can be beneficial because it helps channel concentration. Working from a home office can also become tedious due to a lack of interaction with others. However, if someone is working as a freelancer they probably won’t have colleagues. A coworking space such as Raw Space allows freelancers to get that whilst still working by themselves.

Coworking spaces provide a work environment that start-up businesses don’t get from home as they are working independently and not as a team. The opportunity to network with others, grow their strengths and expand their business.

Not all coworking spaces are created equally: An element which can lack in other coworking spaces is the community and relationships with the other members. Raw Space build relationships by organising out regular work events for the members such as our weekly board game evening. We will be inviting business speakers to host events at the space to network with the members of our society. This all makes Raw Space a unique type of space because the members will not just feel as if they are paying monthly for a desk, but rather they are part of a close-knit community which actually strengthens their business.

Raw Space aims to aid members as much as possible. Our team want to organise a running club, meditation class, ideas on health and fitness, develop the bathrooms with showers, all to add convenience to peoples life’s so that the membership they are spending money on is well worth the money and commitment.