Why hire a desk instead of a whole office?

Most people understand how traditional office leasing works, but the last decade has experienced a tremendous rise in new ways to rent office space – an important one being desk space rental.

The key issue with renting an office in the traditional way is how long the contracts last. The majority of office leases require that you sign up for several years at a time in addition to decorating, managing and setting up the whole facility which can often feel like running a little country rather than a business.

Desk space rental takes a lot of this away, leaving you to focus on the most critical thing – your business. If things don’t work out well or you want to expand, you’re not bound to a long-term contract. This flexibility can be a real Godsend.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a desk instead of a whole office particularly in the Bristol area.


Run your business, not your office space

There are numerous serviced and shared office spaces currently available. These are office facilities that are often run by a management company or housing a business that has more space in the building it needs, so is sub-letting.

Most of the spaces are fully equipped, secure and any property problems are dealt with for you. Facilities like internet and electricity are offered; you can also make the most of fully equipped meeting rooms, kitchen areas, executive suits and reception areas.

Then there is the contract itself. As an alternative to signing years away, you can often rent your desk space on a monthly basis and you can rent just the amount of space you need, leaving space for quick expansion when needed along with short-term extra space for temporary employees. This also suggests you can move in immediately, once you’ve found the right desk space to fit your business’s requirements.


Opportunity for networking

Most desk rental spaces in Bristol are aimed toward people who belong to the same or related industry, which makes them ideal for meeting people in your field, the majority offer creative space for graphic designers, writers, and illustrators, while some are geared toward small startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. With generous happy hours, events as well as seminars, these spaces provide perfect networking opportunities.


The shared office environment offers unprecedented advantages start-up

Even though working at home can have its positive aspects, going into shared office space has its benefits too. The obvious ones are having fewer distractions and the level of professionalism you’ll gain from an office address, meeting facilities and perhaps a reception too.

You’ll find other like-minded entrepreneurs and startups that choose the desk space option: ultimately allowing you to feed off of each other’s passion and creativity.

These partnerships can result in great problem-solving opportunities as well as building both friendships, other business opportunities and solutions. There are a great number of stories of small businesses and freelancers’ alike picking up new work after moving into new shared offices to rent desks.


The flip side of renting desk space

Needless to say, this type of setup isn’t for everyone. Those hesitant about renting desk space in shared or serviced offices might worry over the lack of control and the inability to choose who they share space with. These can be justifiable points, but when contracts are on a monthly basis it seems relevant to at least give it some thought. Renting a desk space might be just the pick-me-up your businesses need to take the next step up.


Increased self-confidence is the greatest advantage you have over traditional offices

When compared with a traditional office, a good number of coworkers report an increase in self-confidence – almost 90%! This is possible thanks to the flexibility that renting a desk space offers, and the fact that they are surrounded by a supportive community.

Desk rental space or coworking space members work more effectively with long opening hours and different style spaces. People also enjoy choosing their working hours as well as the people they associate with, unlike traditional office where you are generally in a set location around set colleagues.


You don’t have to work for anyone

Several desk rental spaces in Bristol offer chill areas, event space, and showers as well as organic coffee, snacks, a television lounge. Some offer training sessions in a variety of areas at great discounts or even free. These perks promote community and make office life more comfortable. If you are just at the beginning stages of a startup, the perks of a desk rental or a coworking space will allow you to focus on the real work until you have the time and funding to build your own company culture.

So here’s the deal:

If you have a great business and a little budget you should consider renting a desk space rather than a commercial office. This will enable you to grow your company in the path that you want and develop a culture that is aligned with your brand. If signing a long-term lease looks terrifying, start with a short-term sublease and go from there. Although moving can be a pain, this first place gives you an idea of what to look for in the next.

If you are looking for an exciting and creative environment to work with like-minded people, take a look at a coworking space or desk rental. Each space has its own unique culture, so if you look hard enough, you’ll find the one that’s best for you.

In summary here some of the advantages of renting a desk instead of a whole office:

– Extensive Network

Because of the high traffic of people who come and go, you are going to engage with lots of new people. The more people that you meet, the more opportunity you will have.

– Collaboration

When operating a startup you need a great deal of feedback. This is one of the most helpful things you get from working in a desk rental space. You can ask your work neighbour about their opinions and experience. Because there are so many people from completely different fields of expertise, you’re bound to be able to take advantage of their knowledge.

– Reasonably cheap and convenient

Desk space rental is cheaper and far more convenient compared to renting a whole office space yourself. Whole office spaces also have several things to take care of too: electricity and utilities. Desk space rental allows you to focus on building your company without the stress of extra tasks.