Why Raw Space?

Coworking is an ever growing trend, with an increasing number of freelancers choosing to share spaces with like-minded professionals in order to escape work-from-home distractions. However, working at a coworking space could translate into losing your freedom to work in pyjamas and could add an additional cost to your budgets. BUT, choosing to work in a space like Raw Space would greatly pay off in the long run. You are sure to get an enriching and satisfying experience that would ultimately boost your productivity level in addition to a vibrant community that would be beneficial to your business.
Raw Space is Bristols newest coworking space located at Gloucester Road, the space is just 10 minutes walk from the Arches and 2 minutes from the Hobgoblin pub. With a lot of co-working spaces based in the city centre, Raw Space is located further North in Bristol.


But what makes Raw Space different?

Whether it’s working for yourself, or remotely you can trust raw space to create that coworking environment that allows you to focus on what’s really important: getting your work done and meeting interesting people. Raw Space offers more than just a desk rental service, but a vibrant community that would greatly benefit you.

Here are a few interesting reasons why you should choose Raw Space.


Avoiding Isolation

One of the problems of working from home is the isolation that comes with it. Although it can be comfortable and peaceful at a home office, however, working from home for too long hinders your exposure to the outside world. There are very limited advantages to being cut off from people.

Consistent interaction with friends and colleagues is beneficial and working with other people at Raw Space is an excellent way to do it. This stimulates the creative process and can result in a higher level of productivity.

The stimulation is a result of the different types of people you could run into. You will probably find some in a similar or the same line of work like you, providing you with a springboard to test ideas. Whether or not anyone is in your profession, you are certain to meet interesting people which hardly ever happens if you stay cooped up in the home office.


Easily meet new clients and collaborators

When working at Raw Space, you are going to be working around businesses and entrepreneurs from diverse fields and backgrounds and you have a higher chance of meeting and networking with prospective clients and customers who could eventually be important in the growth and development of your business. You will also get the pleasure free advertisement by word of mouth and referrals from your network in at Raw Space.


Cut costs with low overheads

With coworking spaces like Raw Space, you won’t need to bind yourself to long-term leases or handle lots of monthly overhead. All you have to do is to choose a plan that perfectly meets your requirements and the rates you can afford. Because costs are shared among the users of the space, you will spend significantly less yet get the pleasure of having a fully fledged office to run your business. Everything is covered: appliances, printers, Wi-Fi, cleaning etc.


Boost your office’s productivity

With lots of distractions at a home office, coworking spaces like Raw Space become the best alternative. You will not just be surrounded with like-minded people that are after the same results, but you will be in an environment that is devoid of distractions and where you can focus and attain greater levels of productivity.


A Regular Routine

A number of home workers have difficulties setting up a regular work routine. After many years of maintaining a rigid schedule when working in an office, the freedom from that routine could result in irregular hours. This is where Raw Space comes in. Members can go to work just as in a “real” office if they want, even if it’s for just a couple of hours. The important point is to have some level of routine that could help you feel more professional.


You’ll Feel Encouraged to Succeed

When you’re working alone it’s sometimes difficult to stay motivated. That’s one reason to work at a coworking space. At Raw Space you would be working with a highly motivated group of people and considering that you’re all using the same office, it will be much easier to arrange meetings or brainstorming sessions.

Having other freelancers surrounding you working to have great results would boost your motivation and make you feel energised to sustain your workflow.


Beautiful Spaces Improve Your Creativity

Your routine and workspace have an impact on our creativity. You could quickly burn out if you’re always at home but working from an attractive and modern space can greatly enhance your creative thinking. Raw Space is beautifully designed with excellent lighting and beautiful colour schemes to help enhance your creativity.

As soon as you dress up for the work day and leave the house, your mindset instantly changes. In addition to that, you can brainstorm ideas with colleagues and see your project from a whole new perspective.

Getting out of the house and into a creative working space is a crucial component to supporting, enriching, inspiring and informing your art. By joining the Raw Space community you’ll benefit from variety:

  • Hot Desking
  • Unlimited working hours
  • High-Speed Internet
  • 50% off meeting room hire
  • Workshops/Lectures
  • 2 hours meeting room credit /month
  • Access to our Professional Network
  • Free Coffee and Tea

Why not get in touch with Raw Space today.