Productivity in Coworking Spaces

Coworking is growing more and more popular. It is no longer reserved for progressive young startups – businesses of all sizes and shapes are choosing to do business from shared workspaces these days. In contrast to the home office and to the traditional office, coworking encourages networking and socialisation, making it easier to gain knowledge from the varied group of professionals surrounding you. Most importantly, coworking has been proven to enhance productivity among employees.

A study by Deskmag indicated that between 2014 and 2015, the number of coworking spaces globally increased by an impressive 36%. There’s no question that untold numbers of people have found success in being part of shared offices and there are facts to prove it.

The study reveals that coworking increases productivity. To further support this fact, the study found out that those who had previously worked from home and changed to coworking had reported a positive impact on their general level of productivity.

Coworking is thriving with no end in sight. The ability to move about in the office and work flexible hours in an extremely creative space with community support are just a small number of the benefits associated with coworking that result in greater productivity

Joining a coworking space will surely change your life whether you are still a student looking to create a startup or an entrepreneur trying to succeed. If you’re thinking of joining a coworking space here are some reasons why you should do so.


Opportunity to Network and Develop Symbiotic Relationships:

Coworking spaces function as a convergent area for business people and ‘’start-uppers’’ with diverse levels of experience and expertise in their fields. Being part of a coworking space could increase your chances of running into great people who are trying to create solutions to real-world problems.

A coworking space is not only a setting for you to work but a base that allows you to meet and connect with like-minded individuals. You are not only building contacts but permanent relationships.


Be More Productive and More Motivated

Spend some time and visualise yourself with a wide range of people who can take a look at what you are doing from behind your shoulder, would you keep checking your Facebook newsfeed repeatedly or do the work you are supposed to be doing?

Even though everyone in this space is your friend, you cannot help but feel the competitive spirit in the air — which can make you more effective.

Furthermore, if productivity is one thing that speaks to you, take a look at how you can increase it by changing the way you work.


 A Place to Share Ideas:

Oftentimes as humans, we have a tendency to get deeper insights on issues and challenges by discussing with others; innovators get brain waves when having conversations with other like-minded people. This really is one more reason you need to be a part of a coworking space. As a business owner, the solution to your overdue startup problems might possibly be a fellow entrepreneur you’ll meet at a coworking space.



On top of providing opportunities to share ideas, coworking spaces are without a doubt more affordable than traditional offices. They generally target early-stage startups that are not able to pay for the cost of hiring a business office. Along with this cost-effectiveness, coworking spaces offer benefits like mentorship, free internet services, coffee and so on. Productive startups everywhere around the world have leveraged on this opportunity as a way to minimise the costs of running a personal business office.


Serene Atmosphere:

Sometimes we find it quite challenging to do any serious activity in a noisy environment, limiting our focus and performance as creatives. While co-working spaces have no noise policy, there’s in most cases cool music in the background which helps everyone loosen up and eases the dead silence tension you’d generally associate with offices.

This is definitely one advantage that cannot be overemphasised. When working from home begins to suck, you may need to get a coworking space around you.


Training and Learning Opportunities:

Learning, sharing and relearning is really what you get from an effective coworking space. These spaces regularly host training, events, group meetings and other learning activities, all of which help to educate and inform entrepreneurs and start-ups on how they will thrive successfully in a competitive economy.


Collaborate On new projects Bigger Than You

Let’s face it, it’s usually challenging for new startups to do the big project without any outside help. Coworking spaces would offer you an opportunity to collaborate on new and bigger projects with some of the best talents.


Immerse yourself in a creative environment

All of us are sensory creatures who feed on our natural environment. Hence, a boring and unexciting office box or a cluttered home office will simply not be the best. Not forgetting that the usual daily interactions with other creative folks are also guaranteed to enhance your creative and cognitive capabilities.

Coworking spaces pay specific attention to design and aesthetics; painting, furnishings, decorations, and lighting which are all important in stimulating our minds and catalysing a creative state of mind.



The success of any professional setting is determined by the productiveness of its people. If it helps to enhance and strengthen productivity, it becomes sought after and replicable. Most likely that’s the reason collaborative workspace is becoming a trend today.

Even well-established businesses are not only discovering its advantages, but they as well want their employees to experience and enjoy it. Venture capitalists are seriously investing into companies that offer the service, keeping in mind that it’s destined to be a key working model in the near future.

Coworking spaces have evolved into one of the greatest models for work-life balance. You can keep your work life independent from your professional life and enjoy them both equally. So if you think it’s time you took the plunge then get in touch and see how we can help – Raw Space is here for everyone in Bristol.