Coworking trends to watch out for in 2017

A steadily increasing trend for 2017 that’s going to impact a lot of entrepreneurs and companies from start-ups to bigger corporations is the continuous growth of co-working. Through the last couple of years, coworking has gone through huge growth in a number of cities across the globe: a trend which thus far shows no sign of slowing down especially in Bristol.

Originally adopted by small tech firms and start-ups as an effective way to start up an office at the same time keeping costs under control, coworking spaces at the moment are offering everything from relaxation and fitness facilities to enormous possibilities that allow members to learn from investors and industry experts.

From start-ups to big business

As shared spaces are well known as hubs of innovation giving a starting point for new companies, it was not long when big businesses embraced the coworking action and now coworking spaces can name the likes of Cisco and KPMG as tenants, together with rapidly accelerating startup companies. However, bigger companies typically place satellite teams into coworking spaces (and not entire departments) with the intention of creating mutually beneficial relationships and connections, which means that large businesses can gain knowledge from and connect with fresh and creative minds; on the other hand, start-up companies have access to the experts and established processes of well-known industry players.

Beyond Silicon Roundabout

One more trend to keep in mind is the geography of co-working spaces and the idea that they are growing to be significantly popular beyond the borders of recognised tech hubs, like Silicon Roundabout. This is certainly because of the rise of new start-up companies that are seeking a base as well as the scaling-up of existing businesses and teams that are already making use of shared offices. The increasingly flexible nature of numerous tech-focused companies today, suggests that workspaces are growing everywhere that talent lives, instead of it being tied to just one street or a single neighbourhood. Take Bristol for example, artistic, creative and financially driven talent lives in everyone’s lives.

The rise in experiential spaces

Because of the growing competition, it’s no longer sufficient for coworking spaces to merely offer a desk and a WiFi connection anymore. A lot of spaces, in a bid to get the best and brightest tenants, are putting in a number of interesting features, such as in-house gyms and fitness classes, events and options to learn new skills, along with social areas, like cafes and bars. As a matter of fact, this is such a growing trend, that a whole new wave of ‘experiential spaces’ is springing up to meet the needs of those companies who want to push their co-working experience to the next level. Raw Space is the newest space in Bristol aiming to do just that, provide satisfaction for its members social and business needs.

Co-living will be a thing

One more trend that’s set to move up the world of co-working, by taking the idea of sharing and community a step further, is co-living, which is actually taking off in metropolitan cities like London, New York and Berlin. The idea of co-living is to offer attractively kitted-out spaces that incorporate cosy apartments with coworking facilities, community cooking area and living areas. This type of living is designed for career-minded people who travel a great deal and don’t want to be tied down by a costly mortgage or long-term contract.

Throughout 2017, it will be fascinating to see how co-working grows up and change and the above is simply a shot of what you can expect. However, it’s an industry that never stops to surprise, so no doubt there will be even more interesting developments just around the corner.