Why people thrive in coworking spaces

There is apparently something unique regarding coworking spaces. Researchers have researched how employees thrive and were pleasantly stunned to find out that people who are part of coworking communities report higher levels of job satisfaction.

Coworking spaces are generally membership workspaces that are particularly designed to accommodate a number of freelancers, remote workers and other independent professionals who come to work in a mutual, communal environment. Research on a test group of hundreds of coworkers from several coworking spaces discovered three primary reasons why coworkers are very likely to thrive:


Those that use coworking spaces experience their work as meaningful.

Other than the kind of work they’re doing – e.g. freelancers opting for projects they desire– coworkers reported finding meaning in the idea that they can bring to their work. Functioning among extensive groups of workers from completely different organisations and job paths help to eliminate workplace politics.

Similarly, coworkers experience a sense of meaning being part of a culture where it is the norm to help other people out and there are numerous possibilities to do so; coworkers have exceptional skill sets that they can render to other community members. Coworking spaces additionally stimulate members to support the upkeep of the community, like cleaning the space or organising community events.


They have more job control.

Coworking spaces are typically open for a long period or even 24/7. People can choose to devote a long day whenever they have a deadline or desire to show progress or to take a very long break in the middle of the day to visit the gym. They can decide to work in a serene and peaceful space to allow them to completely focus in a much more collaborative space with shared tables where interaction is emphasised. Members can even choose to work at home, without consequence when they need to meet a repair person or do something about a family member’s need.


They feel part of a community.

The Connectivity and friendships with others are a huge reason why people pay to work in a community space rather than working at home or leasing a small office. Without a doubt, nurturing community is a basic core value of the coworking movement as indicated in the Coworking Manifesto of many working spaces. Every single coworking space features its own vibe and the managers and members of every space collaborate to develop a distinctive social experience.

Notably, however, socialising isn’t mandatory or compelled. Members can choose when and how to connect with others. They are likely to enjoy conversations over coffee in the café and when they are on break, it’s really not a problem at all. Even though some coworkers will connect and converse less with other coworkers, they still experience a sense of identity with the community from understanding that there is the option to interact whenever they desire. At Raw Space, we empower you through creating a community for you to grow within and thrive from.