The Difference between a Serviced Office and Coworking Space

As organisations grow, it seems sensible that they review their location from time to time. Their style of running and the size of the business may be more suited to either a serviced office or possibly a coworking community. This informative article seeks to review the resemblances and variances between these two options.

What Serviced Offices and Co-Working Space Have in Common

Coworking is a growing global phenomenon and no longer regarded as a new trend. However, there are a number of facilities that should be on your checklist whether you go for either co-working space or a serviced office. Regardless of the one you decide on, ensure you have the benefits of the following amenities:

  • On-site parking facilities.
  • A competent reception service to greet your visitors and direct them to you.
  • High-speed Wi-Fi.
  • Phone and postal services.
  • Meeting rooms and seating for professional and casual meetings.
  • A kitchen with tea and coffee making devices as well as a fridge.
  • Bathroom amenities need to be modern, reflecting the standard of the rest of the building.

How Serviced Offices are different from Co-Working Space

While you should expect to have all of the services described, it is very important that you take a look at just what is right for your business.

The place you need will depend on the number of people you currently employ. Coworking spaces work best when there are only one or two people involved; more than that and serviced offices may become the better option.

The way you protect your belongings and personal items varies slightly between the spaces too. A serviced office is usually locked up towards the end of the working day, although don’t allow that put you off desk sharing hubs. Coworkers might have some access to their own lockable cupboards.

Having a serviced office might provide you with signage to identify your business. Your company logo on your door is one benefit of having your own office.

A number of large serviced offices provide a separate meeting room that is not shared with other members, however, this is not standard. If you are seeking this service, it is typically an add-on to the typical package and not all complexes have this extra meeting room space.

Making the Choice

In case you’re considering working in a coworking space, try to find a place that provides additional services too. When you eventually grow your company, there’ll be the flexibility to upgrade and add new members without having to move to a new location. It will definitely make your life easier because it will save you the trouble of moving, upgrading your site and SEO information as well as the cost of re-printing all your stationery.