Your Space

We want you to know exactly what our space looks like, so we’ll be updating these videos regularly.

Here are a few videos to show what Raw Space looks like from the inside:

Head Space

  • Great for quieter, more focussed work
  • Individual desks
  • Lovely wooden floors

Open Space

  • Big long benches to encourage collaboration
  • Handy storage boxes under every seat

Creative Space

  • Sofa’s for informal meetings
  • Whiteboard walls
  • Mini-library
  • Board game cupboard

The Kitchen

  • Filtered and instant hot and cold water 
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridges
  • Jugs and Cafetieres for sharing! 


We’d love to give you a closer look, so to book in your tour and 2 day free trial just click here:

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Join us

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